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CallRail dashboard

The number of phone calls your business receives is a good indicator of how your strategies are working. Tracking phone numbers, voicemails, and much more is crucial to see the performance of your different marketing campaigns. And in order to track all this call analytics data, you need a powerful tool like CallRail. 


CallRail enables you to have all the phone call information you need such as: Number of calls, duration of the calls, locations, phone numbers, tracking number, etc.


No wonder a lot of our clients requested it to be added to DashThis. Well, the time has finally come! 


DashThis now has a native CallRail integration!


With this new DashThis integration, you’ll be able to easily connect all your CallRail accounts, create all the call analytics charts and graphs you need, and gather all your digital marketing data, including your PPC and SEO, into one easy-to-understand report.


callrail dashboard


Why Integrate your CallRail data in DashThis?


To create complete all-in-one reports

With the new CallRail integration you can make a call tracking report to show your clients another side of your business, how you brought more than clicks and traffic, but calls and phone leads. Not only that, but you can create all-in-one reports tracking all your marketing campaigns, with data from CallRail, alongside every other marketing channel and data sources you use such as: Google Analytics, Google Ads (AdWords), your social media pages, etc.


To save time with report templates

We built report templates so that you can save hours of work! No more CSV files, no more copy-pasting data, our call tracking report template is already pre-filled with all the most important call tracking KPIs. Track all your call conversions, call recordings, and way more in your customizable marketing dashboard template.


To automate your reports

With DashThis, everything is automated; the data is automatically populated in your reports and you don’t have to manually send your reports with our automated email dispatches. That means you can basically create your reports, and then completely forget about it! You, your clients, and/or boss will receive the data right on time, every month, week, or even day if you’d like. If you're a marketing agency, that means hours of work you can instantly get back!


Metrics and dimensions

You can now add all the most important CallRail metrics in your reports! We even built preset KPIs to save you some time.


These are all the CallRail preset KPIs, metrics and dimensions now available in DashThis:


Preset KPIs:

  • Total Calls
  • Unique Callers
  • Qualified Calls
  • Average Duration
  • Call Attribution by Source
  • Top countries
  • Call Log
  • Top Tracking Numbers
  • Best Performing Companies 



  • Total Calls
  • Unique Callers
  • Qualified Calls
  • Answered Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Average Duration



  • Call Log
  • Tracking Number
  • Source
  • City
  • Country
  • Tag
  • Company


Why track all your new calls, marketing efforts, and PPC data in different tools when DashThis can do it all for you! 


So go create your own CallRail dashboard right now! Or learn more about this new integration in our Help Center!

And if you don’t have an account yet, get yourself a free 15-days trial!


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