Digital Reporting Tool Case Study: Jelly Marketing Agency & DashThis

Reporting tool case study

Every digital agency goes through the same thing: you create amazing campaigns and strategies for your clients, and then you spend almost as much time putting together a report to show the results of those efforts.


You know as well as we do that digital marketing reporting is a necessary chore for every account manager, and it can be quite a time consuming chore at that.


But it doesn’t have to be.


As you’ll see in this digital reporting tool case study, when Jelly Marketing started using DashThis, they suddenly found themselves with more time on their hands.


This time that was no longer being wasted making every digital dashboard by hand could now be used to actually create more value for their clients.


And that has made a whole lot of difference for Jelly’s team and bottom line.

What Is Jelly Marketing

Jelly Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and PR firm based out of Fort Langley, British Columbia (from our own home of Canada!).


Its mission is to get their clients’ business, products, and messages seen and heard by the right people by amplifying their brand through a combination of social media, PR, SEO, and diverse digital advertising techniques. Each strategy is tailored to a client’s specific needs and audience, and Jelly’s hands-on approach is demonstrated through every interaction they have with a client.


Their past and present clients include none other than La-Z-Boy, Trading Post Brewing, Spence Diamonds, Sussex Insurance, Ten Thousand Villages, and a multitude of other big names.

The Problem

Like any agency worth its salt, Jelly Marketing already included regular reporting as part of their day-to-day business strategy.

“Reporting is everything in the world of digital marketing. It is how our work is measured with clientele, and it’s how we continuously evaluate campaign strategy internally for our client portfolios.”


- Darian KovasPrincipal at Jelly Marketing

Clearly, reporting is a necessity that can’t be overlooked.


However, another thing that can’t be overlooked is the enormous amount of time reporting usually takes. Jelly Marketing was manually retrieving all their data from every one of their marketing tools every month. Then, they’d input this data into Excel spreadsheets, before creating a new report for each client, every time.


Reporting tool versus excel


Once a report was created, if they wanted to use it during team meetings, it was often easier just to print it out and pass it around to everyone… and the report itself was rarely aesthetically pleasing anyway. And then, when they had to transfer it over to their clients, they’d have to save their report as a PDF, attach it to an email, and then send it to their client… every. single. time. Plus, by the time the printed report or saved attachment got into the right hands, it wasn’t even up to date anymore.


Obviously, the process wasn’t optimal.

The Need

In order to replace their time-consuming and cumbersome manual reporting process, Jelly started to research automated reporting tools. They were looking for something that could be accessed 24/7, by multiple users, and that worked for everything from social media, digital ads, SEO, and PR (basically, all their services).

“A lot of our clients are goals-based, therefore, we wanted something that could easily break down Google Analytics and AdWords in a more visual, clearly-understood and visually appealing interface,”


- Robyn Freiheit, Account Manager at Jelly

They also wanted a system that was more suitable both for showing on a big-screen for regular team meetings, as well as for sharing with clients and prospects; printing Excel reports was neither friendly to the environment, nor was it particularly suitable for sharing with a group.


Above all, Jelly wanted a tool that was easy to use; the entire point of automating the process was for the team to save time and simplify their days. They needed a combo PPC reporting tool / SEO reporting tool / and a whole bunch of other types of reporting tools, which together would enable them to create a multitude of types of reports with many different integrations, and give them the ability to customize each report according to client and to campaign. But, they still needed the process to be simple, no coding (or headaches) required.

The Solution

After exploring several options, the Jelly team found everything they needed with DashThis; the team could now create monthly reports easily, as well as campaign-based reports with irregular dates. Everything they do, from PPC, SEO, social media, and PR (as well as everything the clients do outside of the scope of Jelly), can be measured easily and quickly within a report.


Reporting tool case study dashboard


DashThis Reports: Something for Everyone

According to M. Kovacs, DashThis has saved the Digital Ads Team over 20 hours of work per month, which they can instead use to work on their client accounts instead of spend the time building reports.

“DashThis has saved our Digital Ads Team a lot of time on reporting, which they can now use for optimization and execution.”


Darian Kovacs, Principal at Jelly Marketing

Whenever a Jelly Account Manager has a meeting or phone call with a client, their reports are easily accessible, clutter-free, no matter where they are. Their clients can have the same report in front of them during the discussion, which makes communication so much clearer. Working side-by-side with a client who’s properly informed regarding his/her numbers makes campaign optimization so much easier for the entire team.


Basically, the automated reporting system has allowed the entire Jelly team to “play more proactive roles with [their] clients’ portfolios and their digital marketing campaigns,” according to Ms. Freiheit. “It has made reporting more transparent, more clear, and more fun. The format of DashThis tells a good story in terms of a holistic view of a brand and their online efforts.”


And the advantage of DashThis doesn’t just stop with the Jelly team; the clients also “enjoy the interactiveness of the reports, the mixture of numbers and visuals – essentially, it provides a little something for everyone!”. Jelly clients appreciate how their selected KPIs are clearly outlined and tracked, and that they can see the progression from month to month.


Not only do clients use their new Jelly reports as a reference point, but “many use it as a tool within their workplace, in order to prove the need for their marketing budget based on specific and real results.”


Again, this proof of worth comes back to Jelly in a big way; if their clients can easily justify their marketing budget to their own bosses, it means they can keep coming back to Jelly over and over again for their marketing and PR needs.


Happy clients, a more efficient Jelly team… Everybody wins!


That’s the beauty of DashThis.


Why don’t you give it a try; your own agency could reap the same awesome benefits as Jelly!

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