Google ads improvement: new supported campaign types

google ads supported campaign types

At Dashthis, one of our core values is transparency, and we've been preaching it internally with our colleagues and our loyal customers. With that spirit in mind, we wanted to share an update with you about the new campaign types that we support in our Google Ads integration.


Lately, we have been receiving some client support requests about different campaigns available in Google Ads : 


  • Performance Max Campaigns
  • Local services Campaigns
  • Smart Campaigns


For us to provide our clients with these new campaigns, a lot of work needed to be done behind the scenes to deliver this new flexible API as seamlessly as possible. A lot of challenges were encountered, but thankfully, we have a strong team of developers that were able to overcome them. 


With great excitement today, we can officially announce to you that these new campaigns are officially available in DashThis! Here's everything you need to know. 


The new campaign types


Find out which campaign types are now supported by Dashthis. 


Performance max campaigns


Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows performance advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.


Local services campaigns


Local campaigns are designed to help businesses provide their potential customers with the information that they need to decide when and how to visit their stores.


Smart campaigns


Smart Campaigns automatically show ads to locals in your area to drive website visits, online sales, and offline store visits. 


How it works


The new statistics will now be included in your dashboard and give you a better overview of your campaign's performance. You won't need to do anything in most cases, but if your data isn't showing correctly, you might have to refresh the widgets.


Other integration improvements

Here's what changed


As a result of this new API, we found certain cases that will offer a better reporting experience and are definitely worth the mention : 


  • Ad Network dimension: "Search Network" is now divided between "Search" and "SearchPartners"
  • Device dimension: device names changed and it might affect existing filters


Here's what's been deprecated


Rest assured that we made sure to minimize the impact of certain Google ads features that were discontinued as much as possible. Unfortunately, although we wanted to continue to offer them to you, this was beyond our control.


  • Conversion Category Name filter: no longer support Contains and Starts with operators
  • Search Partners dimension and filter: removed due to the change in the dimension mentioned above
  • Deprecated metrics: 
    •    Average Position
    •    Unique Cookies


To wrap up


We are constantly striving to offer a better reporting experience with the support of these new types of campaigns. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team. Also, stay tuned for more updates on the migration towards the more powerful version of GA4, which will offer new metrics and dimensions!


DashThis The Team at DashThis

DashThis is the power behind thousands of reporting dashboards created by and delivered for agencies and digital marketers every month. 



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