Product Update: February 1, 2017


The new year has already brought something pretty exciting: our website joined the tool with a brand new look. As we mentioned, the visual changes to both the website and the system itself have been done not only to look cooler (obviously), but also to make room for all the new features we’re consistently rolling out. So without further ado, let’s tell you about today’s new features and improvements:

  • You can now include all your ad details in your list widgets;
  • You can now delete a dashboard within an existing group;
  • Adding a PDF report attachment to email dispatches is now permanent.

List widgets with ad details

List widgets are a great way to see how your ad campaigns are faring. However, it wasn’t always possible to see all your ads’ information in your widget before.

Now it is! You can either choose to list your ads by title, description, or show everything all at once in order to better see the full picture.

New widget full size


Delete a dashboard in a group

Remember how you couldn’t permanently delete a dashboard if you’d already organized it into a group? It was annoying, which is why we fixed it.

Now, even if your dashboard has already been sorted into a group, you can delete it without issue. Helps keep things organized and current, right?
Delete dashboard in group

Permanent PDF report attachment selection

We previously added the option of including a full report PDF to your automatic email dispatches. However, you told us that you wished that when you chose this option, it would stay selected until you actively deselected it.

We listened! Now, once you decide to add the PDF report attachment, it will stay for all subsequent email dispatches until you choose to remove it.

PDF Attachment


A few more fixes:

  • Editing static widgets (like comment widgets), just got easier, whether you’re in view or edit mode.
  • We’ve added new metrics, dimensions and filters for several integrations, namely Google AdWords, Instagram, and AdForm.
  • There were a few other bugs on our end that we smoothed out… hopefully, you never even noticed!


Of course, if you have any questions about these changes and improvements, don’t hesitate to either write to us or explore our Help Center!

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