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So, we’re sure you noticed something exciting that happened last week: our website got a little bit of a makeover. And although we’re pretty psyched about it, we wanted to let you in on the who, what, why, and when of this project.


You’re our tribe, after all. This is because of, and for, you!



The Who: the Digital Reporting Market

DashThis has been around for almost 7 years, which, in the digital reporting business, is a pretty long time compared to many others. We’ve seen the market change over this same period: new competitors have cropped up, others have disappeared, and the market itself as well as the clientele, have matured.


To put it more clearly, it’s become increasingly important to carve out a more targeted niche in the wide realm of digital reporting.


Some tools want to have dozens of features, without necessarily focusing on delivering those features well.


That’s not our game, though.


DashThis is a tool that has a select few features, each of which is there because you, the user, want it to be.


We’re not here to add extra things in our system that you don’t really need. Because why make things more complicated than necessary?


We’re a reporting tool. An efficient one. An easy-to-use one. A great one.


And our tool is accompanied by what is now known as the best customer support in the business.


So that’s where this change comes from: it’s us, carving out our niche that much more clearly.



The What: our Site, Because it’s the First Thing You See

We rebranded our tool almost exactly a year ago. Since then, our system has seen almost monthly updates in UX, and that pace isn’t something that’s about to slow down; our tool is our priority.


Since our tool is constantly being improved and its ease-of-use ameliorated, we wanted our website to follow suit.


Honestly, our website’s rebrand a year ago was beautiful, if a bit too fancy. And we’ve realized that that was the issue.


Because here’s the truth: we aren’t fancy.


And although our tool reflects the simplicity and friendliness that we always strive to deliver, the website we created wasn’t communicating that message properly.


It was larger-than-life, elegant, and, let’s be honest, made our system look far more complicated and cold than it actually is.


We realized that when people landed on our website, they thought DashThis was some big, complicated BI tool.


And then when they started using the tool and talking to their account manager, they realized that we were actually super chill, fun to talk to, with an easy-to-use system.


Everything wasn’t adding up.

new website 2017



The Why: our Users Know What They’re Talking About

Basically, anyone who knows us knows two things:

  • Our first priority in life is providing a kick-ass, off-the-walls, OMG-that-was-amazing customer service.
  • Oh, and we provide a pretty stellar reporting tool to go along with that.


That’s what you, our users and followers, say about us in reviews, to your coworkers, and to your account managers here.


And if our users say that what sets us apart from the crowd is our powerful yet simple tool, as well as our amazing customer support… well, we figured we’re going to run with that idea as long and as far as possible.


While our tool is streamlined, concise, and powerful in what it does, as a team, we’re your favourite reporting friend. Apart from our wicked tool, what sets us apart from the rest of the competition is our service.


Do you know how many other tools like ours provide personalized customer service as soon as you start a free trial? A 3-fingered man holding an ice-cream cone could count them on one hand…


Our account managers are the kind of people who will answer each and every email with personal touches: a friendly hello, a quick explanatory video, maybe finish it off with a GIF just for laughs. Our account managers are the kind of people who high-five your wins just as much as you do.


Meanwhile, our product developers are the kind of people who used to be in your shoes: our tool is made for marketers, BY marketers. That’s why every single new feature or feature improvement is made with your needs in mind.


As our Product Owner says, “the user we’re creating a tool for is someone looking for a visually attractive report, sure, but especially someone who needs an efficient tool oriented towards marketing data centralization, straightforward navigation, and features (like mass editing) that save them time in the long-run. THAT’s where we’re going in the next few years with DashThis.”


Our tool’s only purpose is to make your reporting easier. That’s it.


Simple reporting tool. Friendly and awesome people.


That’s who WE are. And if that’s what you love us for, it’s high-time that our website show that side of us.



The When: Starting… Well… 7 Years Ago

As you know, DashThis doesn’t like to hold anything back; we like to show you our work as it comes out, instead of making you wait.


Our website is no different: we started rolling out some new aspects of our website last week, and this will continue over the coming months until the entire website is fantastically new and so much more “us”!


Remember though, nothing has changed since the first day our founder, Stéphane, started DashThis out of his basement.


We’re still the same people, there are just more of us.


We’re still a small local-shop, whose priority is exemplary service above all else.


And we’re still the same company who would rather do business with agencies and companies with whom we have a good time on a daily basis; you know, ones who love us for the perhaps-redundant-Batman-GIFS.


We’d rather have fewer clients, but ones with whom we can build a real, lasting relationship, rather than just a lot of clients for whom we can no longer offer the exceptional service you love us for.


Quality over quantity, as it were.


And you, dear users, are exceptional quality.


Here’s hoping our new website shows you what you mean to us, and that we’re always striving to be exactly what you want us to be.

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