7 Marketing Report Examples & Samples

Marketing report sample
  1. SEO report template
  2. PPC report template
  3. Google Analytics report template
  4. Ecommerce report template
  5. Email report template
  6. Social media report template
  7. Digital marketing report template


Your marketing campaigns will never achieve the results you want unless your marketing reporting game is on point. Read on to find out how you can create awesome digital marketing reports and see some marketing report samples you can use to get started.


What is a marketing report?

It's an essential document, both for you and your clients. A good marketing report will give you the information you need to ensure your client's marketing strategy is playing out the way you both want. It will also demonstrate the value of your work to your client and give you a dataset you can use to explain what you're going to do and why.


In short, marketing reports let you and your client make sound, informed decisions about what marketing efforts to pursue and how.


Why do you need to make marketing reports?

There are a few key reasons why creating marketing performance reports is crucial:


1. It allows you to speak frequently with your clients - regular client contact is essential to building trust and rapport. It also gives you a chance to discuss issues before they become major headaches.


2. It keeps you accountable - the numbers don't often lie. But, if a campaign isn't performing well, having a formal report with an agreed set of KPIs will ensure that you can have a frank conversation with your client about why things aren't going to plan and what you're going to do about it. (If you're not sure what KPIs you should be tracking, check out some of our sample reports below - they come preloaded with the top KPIs).


3. You can educate your clients - a marketing report is a great way to keep your clients involved in the whole process and to make sure they understand what's happening and why.


How often should you create marketing reports?

Monthly reports are the way to go most of the time. A monthly marketing report will give you enough data to work with and to be able to spot emerging trends. Daily or weekly marketing reports won't give you a solid data set and quarterly or annual reports won't let you spot trends as they emerge.


How can I get started?

Marketing report templates are a great way to start producing reports for your clients. There are templates for everything from SEO reports and social media reports to ecommerce sales reports and Google Analytics reports. But, you can also fully customize them so the data is presented just the way you want.


Here are a few of the marketing report examples you can choose from.


1. SEO report template

seo report example

Try this template with your data!

From conversion rate to bounce rate, the SEO report template includes the top KPIs you'll want to be staying on top of and is a fantastic jumping-off point for tracking SEO efforts.


Metrics you should be tracking include:


  • Organic sessions
  • Top organic landing pages
  • Organic conversion rate
  • Top organic keywords

2. PPC report template

ppc report example

Try this template with your data!


The PPC report template makes sorting through your paid ad data a breeze. It includes the most commonly used PPC KPIs, such as:


  • Clicks and costs
  • Conversions
  • Revenues
  • Ad performance
  • and more!

3. Google Analytics report template

google analytics report example

Try this template with your data!

Optimizing your clients' websites means reporting on Google Analytics data and the Google Analytics report template makes it easy. You can pull together the key stats for your clients into a slick Google Analytics report and it includes the main KPIs like:


  • Sessions and users
  • Goal completions and conversions
  • Channel performance
  • Landing page performance
  • Browsers, devices and geo reports
  • Ecommerce transactions
  • and more!

4. Ecommerce report template

ecommerce report example

Try this template with your data!


Our ecommerce report template lets you group together all your ecommerce data, from sales numbers and revenue to traffic sources - that way you're easily able to see where your highest performing areas are and where you might need to rethink your strategy. The template includes KPIs like:


  • Ecommerce transactions
  • Ecommerce revenues
  • Product sales
  • Conversion rate by channel
  • and more!

5. Email report template

email report example

Try this template with your data!

Email marketing can be a great way to drive sales but only if your campaigns are performing as they're supposed to. Our email marketing report template has all the KPIs you need to ensure your email marketing efforts are optimized:


  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Subscribers
  • Unsubscribe rate

6. Social media report template

social media report example

Try this template with your data!

If you're not on social media then there's a big hole in your marketing strategy. But simply throwing up posts isn't enough: you've got to track success and be able to capitalize on it. That's where our social media report template comes in, with its preset KPIs like:


  • Followers and likes
  • Impressions and reach
  • Engagement rate
  • Top performing posts
  • and more!

7. Digital marketing report template

digital marketing report example

Try this template with your data!

Why not have the main metrics for all your campaigns in one place? Our digital marketing report template lets you do just that so you can keep an eye on all your campaigns from one convenient dashboard. It comes preloaded with the top KPIs such as:


  • Conversion rate
  • Channel performance by traffic source
  • Goal completions
  • Performance by landing page
  • and more!

Best of all, once your dashboard is all set up DashThis takes care of data fetching for you (no more plugging numbers into Excel!). You're also able to save and reuse templates as many times as you like so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

If you're looking for simple and seamless digital marketing reporting then DashThis is your best bet.


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