Add Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel KPIs in One Click


I guess every marketer knows Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels. They also have an API which we integrated months ago. We just added some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you’ll find in our standard widget list.

Easy to use. Get your Multi-Channel Funnels KPI in just one click.


What are the new Multi-Channel Funnels widgets exactly?

Here are those we added:

  • Organic Assisted Conversion Rate
  • Organic Assisted Conversions
  • Organic Combined Conversion Rate
  • Organic Combined Conversions
  • Organic Combined vs Overall
  • Paid Assisted Conversion Rate
  • Paid Combined Conversion Rate
  • Paid Combined Conversions
  • Paid Combined vs Overall
  • Paid Search Assisted Conversions
  • Top Conversion Paths
  • Top Conversion Paths w/ Organic
  • Top Conversion Paths w/ Paid Search

Some explanations:

Paid/Organic Combined vs Overall is:

(Assisted paid/organic conversions + paid/organic conversions) / total conversions

Combined means Assisted Conversions + Direct Conversions.

Combined conversion rate is (paid/organic assisted + paid/organic conversions) / paid/organic visits

Those KPIs are really useful for marketers. Indeed, take the usual scenario: Your client pays you to get leads.

Let’s say you currently have a 10% conversion rate.

But what about those who visited your website from a paid or organic channel then left, then come back few days later from a direct access or another channel and converts? You would lose that conversion from your results, wouldn’t you? Adding those might inflate, with reason, your conversion rate to 20%.

Now, using the combined conversions widgets, you can get the results you deserve. I often see conversion rate jumping by 5 or 10% when the assisted conversions are added to the mix.

Fortunately, you can now show off how good you really are using the assisted conversions from Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels and DashThis!

» Create a dashboard with Google Analytics Multi Channels Funnels KPIs

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