Add Multiple Integrations to Your Online Dashboard

Multiple integration online dashboard

Over time, we’ve noticed that some of our clients tend to create awesome-looking online dashboards for their own clients, but instead of grouping all their integrations together in one report, they create individual dashboards for each integration, resulting in multiple online dashboards sent to every client.


Although this process can be very useful when a client needs deeper insight about a specific data source, oftentimes, creating a dashboard for every integration is the result of a misunderstanding of what DashThis can actually do for you. DashThis’ cornerstone is simplicity, which of course refers to the automation of your reporting process, but also the joy of finding ALL your marketing data in ONE online dashboard!


Yes! This is something you can (and are absolutely encouraged to) do with DashThis. So how do you create a single online dashboard to gather all your metrics? It’s simple (isn’t it always with DashThis?):


1. Go to the “Integrations” section of your admin menu and select all the data sources you need to use.


integration online dashboard



2. Create a dashboard.


New online dashboard



3. Go to your online dashboard and select the metrics you need for each integration in your “Preset widgets” and “Custom widgets” menus.


Select metrics


4. Expect to be showered with praise.


Note: If you wish to add data sources to an existing online dashboard, all you have to do is select your dashboard’s menu in your Dashboard Manager, then click “Manage Data Sources” and choose the ones you want.


Manage data sources



Now, as exciting as this may be, don’t get carried away: always keep in mind your online dashboard must breathe. This means you should limit the amount of widgets you add so that your clients never get the feeling that their report is cramped.


There you go! You can now send your clients a single online dashboard that showcases all the data they need!


What are you waiting for? Go put this new knowledge into action right now!


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Happy reporting!



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