Agency Rank Tracker: 7+ Tools For Client Reporting

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Ease of use. 




These are the qualities of an excellent agency rank tracker. 


But finding the perfect tool for your agency is easier said than done. Maybe your current SEO tracker left you disappointed, or your PPC agency recently started offering SEO services and you have no idea which tools are the best in the market.


Luckily for you, the endless search ends today. 


In this comparison guide, we’ll (re)introduce you to seven popular SEO rank tracking tools, along with their pros and cons, user reviews, and best use cases. 


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Best for: Tracking your Google search engine keywords and rankings very easily.

Pricing: From $24/month is an easy SEO tracking tool allowing you to track your keywords and the rankings of your pages under Google's Search Engine. 


You can track KPIs such as Top Keywords by Rank, Top URLs by Rank, and Average Rank. 


If you need an inexpensive tool to track your top keywords and URL from Google’s search engine, is perfect.


On top of it, you can use it as a native integration in DashThis, which makes it even simpler to use. 



2. DashThis

DashThis agency rank tracker

Best for: Gathering data from multiple SEO tools and automate reports for clients (e.g., evaluate data across SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs for a client as a whole).

Pricing: 15-day free trial. 


DashThis is a marketing reporting dashboard tool for analytics, SEM, and SEO.


Yes, it's not what you're searching for, but trust us, you'll want to use it in your agency. Here's why.


With DashThis, you can automatically gather your data from ALL SEO tools without jumping from one tool to another. Most of the time, you can achieve this with integration — simply connect your SEO tool with DashThis, and the latter will fetch the data for you. Occasionally, you might need to add an API key (case in point: SEMrush). 


Here’s an example of how DashThis' ranking reports look like when integrated with SEMrush.


semrush dashthis agency rank tracker report


Standout features include preset templates and KPIs (choose any you want and drag and drop them on your dashboard), 34+ integrations, and white-label options. 


Here’s what a G2 user said about DashThis:


Source: G2


From 30 minutes each client to less than 10 minutes total? Talk about a huge time-saver, right?


To sum up, if you want to combine all SEO data from different tools into a single beautiful report, so clients can view their hard-won results at a glance, try DashThis today!


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3. SEMrush


semrush agency rank tracker

Source: SEMrush


Best for: Performing competitive keyword research.

Pricing: 7-day free trial. $99.95/month when billed annually. 


SEMrush is an online visibility management platform


It offers a wide range of SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitor research tools. 


SEO professionals will find SEMrush’s competitive keyword discovery useful. You can explore competitors in-depth and identify keywords that attract the most traffic.


Like the rank tracking tools in this list, SEMrush has its fair share of limitations. 


Users who run multiple SEO campaigns for different clients caution it’s easy to get lost amid the sea of data. If you’re looking for an intuitive tool, brace yourself for data overload.


Another con? High pricing. SEMrush adds up quickly on a monthly basis, especially when adding team members and ordering custom reports. Smaller agencies might find it unsustainable in the long run.


4. Google Search Console


agency rank tracker GSC



Best for: Optimizing SEO opportunities (e.g., ensuring the website’s mobile-friendly, identifying keywords a website’s ranking for).

Pricing: Free.


Google Search Console (GSC) helps you monitor search traffic and performance. You can assess your SEO data in multiple metrics: Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


Many users like using it with Google Analytics for optimization (e.g., identifying problematic pages, site links, and site maps when revamping old websites). If you’re getting knee-deep in creating SEO reports, GSC is the tool you want to start with.


Here’s a G2 user sharing their experience:


GSC agency rank tracker

Source: G2


GSC is on the basic side. You can't filter by position (e.g., top 10  keywords) and can't use more than one filter, so if you’re looking for advanced features to improve your SEO efforts, you might want to invest in another tool.


5. SearchMetrics


Source: SearchMetrics


Best for: Analyzing SEO problems and identifying opportunities for optimization.

Pricing: Contact sales for a quote.


SearchMetrics is a high-end platform for international SEO. 


Users like the customization options. For SearchMetrics Search Experience, you can define your SEO visibility based on your unique keyword set. Input your domain, the keywords you have in mind, and the SEO enterprise platform will track rankings accordingly.


Regarding accuracy, particularly in backlinks and website rankings (e.g., websites in top spots are off), SearchMetrics leave much to be desired. Users recommend taking them with a grain of salt.


6. Ahrefs


ahrefs agency rank tracker

Source: Ahrefs


Best for: Analyzing backlinks.

Pricing: 7-day trial for $7. Paid plans start at $82/month when billed annually.


Ask any SEO marketer what their favorite agency rank tracker is, and odds are they’ll say Ahrefs. 


Backlinks are a big part of Google’s algorithm, and you’ll be pleased to know that this keyword rank tracking tool’s backlink checker is a top favorite. 


Its backlink database is impressive, and no wonder — it’s updated every 15 minutes! It’s no surprise that Ahrefs’ web crawler comes only second after Google. You can access a full breakdown of your competitor’s backlink profile (domain authority, number of referring domains, etc.).


One minor downside to Ahrefs? Some users find keyword difficulty hit-and-miss (i.e., Ahrefs shows it’s possible to rank for specific terms, but it’s not).


If you often perform backlink research, this is a must-have tracking software tool.


7. Nightwatch


Source: Nightwatch


Best for: Easy-to-use keyword rank tracking & automated reporting for agencies.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Paid plans start from $32/month when paid annually. 


Nightwatch is a rank tracking tool, primarily focused on serving agencies. Their tool offers a simple UI, daily ranking updates, & white label options. 


Here’s what a G2 user had to say about using Nightwatch as an agency rank tracker:

Source: G2


All of the basic features you would expect in a rank tracker are included


  • Tracking mobile & desktop
  • Tagging & grouping keywords for analysis
  • Auto-scheduling of reports via email
  • Tracking local rankings (down to a ZIP code level)


In addition, there are Google Analytics and Google Search Console integrations that help you to correlate rankings to traffic & conversions in your reports. Also, as well as Google rankings, you can also track Bing, Youtube, DuckDuckGo, & Yahoo keywords


Lastly, using the Reports feature in Nightwatch, users can export keyword data (based on tags, URLs, & other filters) to .csv, HTML, or PDF. 


8. AWR Cloud


Source: YouTube


Best for: Conducting basic to intermediate SEO research, especially for new SEO practitioners. 

Pricing: 30-day free trial. Paid plans start at $44/month when billed annually.


Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Cloud is a web-based SEO software platform.


AWR Cloud is one of the most affordable SEO tools in the market. It’s ideal for agencies and marketers who are getting started in SEO and want to explore economical solutions before taking on the big ones.


In terms of limitations, the keyword rankings on search engines can be inaccurate at times. A reddit user, who runs an agency, discovered a client ranking for several keywords on the SERPs, but AWR Cloud marked them as unranked. Tip: If you’re experiencing this, you might want to check your location settings. Sometimes all it needs is a quick edit!


Source: reddit


Compared to the other six agency rank tracker tools in this list, AWR Cloud’s interface is the most difficult to navigate. Generating reports in a CSV file might also take some time — several digital marketing agencies share that the duration depends on the number of users using it. 


9. AccuRanker


Source: AccuRanker


Best for: Tracking local SEO and high volume keywords accurately.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $99/month for yearly billing.


AccuRanker is an SEO and SEM tool that tracks website rankings through keyword data in real-time. Known for its high accuracy, you can track your historical data up to the first day you start using it. One user was able to access it up to four years ago!


Source: reddit


A quick search shows AccuRanker shines in tracking local rankings (Google local) and high search volume keywords on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 


Its clutter-free UI is another selling point. Many users like the straightforward user experience (e.g., you can create sub-accounts for clients who prefer to access the results on the tool themselves). 


Potential cons include slow data updates and high pricing. According to some users, data updates can be slow even for a small group of keywords. For one user, updating nine keywords took a few minutes, when it should have been seconds.


Source: G2


Pricing-wise, AccuRanker can get expensive if you run an enterprise-level website and track many keywords. 




Choose your favourite ranking tools and bring ALL your data together on DashThis


Each of these SEO tools has their specific use cases. 


You’ll likely end up using more than one. For example, a full-suite content marketing agency might use Google Search Console with SEMrush and Ahrefs.


Here’s a quick recap on what each tool is best for:


  • Tracking your Google Search keywords and rankings easily.
  • DashThis: Gathering data from multiple SEO tools and automate reports for clients (e.g., evaluate data across SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs for a client as a whole).
  • SEMrush: Performing competitive keyword research.
  • Google Search Console: Optimizing SEO opportunities (e.g., ensuring the website’s mobile-friendly, identifying keywords a website’s ranking for).
  • SearchMetrics: Analyzing SEO problems and identifying opportunities for optimization
  • Ahrefs: Analyzing backlinks.
  • Nightwatch: Easily customizable keyword ranking data across a wide range of search engines.
  • AWR Cloud: Conducting basic to intermediate SEO research, especially for new SEO practitioners. 
  • AccuRanker: Tracking local SEO and high volume keywords accurately.


Cobbling together data from multiple SEO tools is a colossal waste of time. 


Want to go from spending 30 minutes on each client to ten minutes across all clients? Start your FREE trial at DashThis for 15 days!


Link all your SEO reporting tools, and DashThis will fetch all data and send out your SEO reports automatically.


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