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Google Ads integration

Summer has come, and with it, not only a new website (have you seen this beauty?!) but also some big AdWords improvements that we’re progressively rolling out right in your dashboards.


You heard me: Google AdWords, the integration we all know and love, is now even better! How is that even possible, you say? Well, let me explain!



Faster widget loading

Have you ever had to wait a while for your AdWords widget to load or refresh? Well, no more! I am thrilled to tell you that our AdWords widgets are now faster, better, stronger.


We’ve been working so hard to find new ways to step up our AdWords integration. We’ve come up with many solutions, one of them being to improve the path through which our system fetches your data: we decided to lighten our app’s infrastructure, reducing the few steps it took to go fetch your data from AdWords. For months, we’ve been constantly optimizing our tool to the core in order to make our AdWords integration the fastest it has ever been. And now, it’s finally ready to roll!


Why did we decide to go through all that work, you ask? Because our whole purpose at DashThis is to make your life easier, and to help you save time. And to do so, we needed to give you the speed you truly deserve.


With all that time you’ll have on your hands, you’ll be able to create new dashboards, work on your strategies, and maybe even relax a little and pour yourself a drink… why not?



Updated names and definitions

Google AdWords constantly updates their terminology, so why wouldn’t we? Nobody likes confusion, which is why we updated the names of our metrics, dimensions, and filters, in order to display the same terms currently used in Google AdWords. As they evolve, so do we.


Not only that, but we’ve added the definitions of each metric and dimension so that you always find what you’re looking for. All you have to do is hover over the little ( i ) next to the name to see the definition!



Don’t forget, we’ll be rolling out each of these changes progressively, so don’t worry if you don’t see them in your account right away or all at the same time.


If you absolutely can’t wait though, let us know and we’ll bump you up the list and activate the new AdWords functionalities in your account ASAP!

In the meantime, keep reporting like a boss!

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