7+ Google Analytics Reports for Marketers

Google Analytics Reports

With over 500 metrics to choose from, Google Analytics is a brilliant tool for tracking website traffic, landing page performance and conversions.


But with all those different metrics, the trick is tracking the ones that give you the information you need to optimize search engine performance, drive traffic to your site and increase conversions. The best way to do this is with a Google Analytics report.


A Google Analytics report will have only those key metrics that give you immediate insight into site performance and won't get you bogged down in the detail (though, you can drill down into the stats if you like).


There are preset templates you can use or you can create custom reports that are set up just the way you want.


Here's how Google Analytics reports work:



What is a Google Analytics report?


A Google Analytics Report is a one-stop tool that lets you track and visualize multiple Google Analytics metrics in a single dashboard. You can create Google Analytics reports using Google Analytics itself, Excel spreadsheets, or an automated marketing reporting tool like DashThis. The advantage of using a reporting tool is that it's completely automated and fully customizable so you can stay on top of the KPIs that are most important to you in the blink of an eye.


Why should you use a Google Analytics report?


Good reporting is essential for digital marketers - it tells you (and your clients if you're in an agency) what's working well and what might need some tweaking.


Google Analytics has hundreds of metrics, so using a Google Analytics report helps you see only the most important KPIs for your business at a glance. To help you save even more time, an automated Google Analytics report takes the hassle out of reporting completely since the data gets pulled, visualized and sent automatically so you don't have to manually enter or copy-paste the numbers, or play around date ranges every time.


What's more, with a Google Analytics report you can combine your Google Analytics data with data from your other online marketing channels - this lets you see at a glance how your whole digital marketing strategy is playing out. 


The top Google Analytics report templates


Custom report templates can help you track every kind of data from source/medium, to detecting a high bounce ratepages report, even secondary dimensions to have a better understanding of all your website data. Here is some data you can track in our Google Analytics custom reports:


- Sources: where a visitor was right before they went to your site - usually it's a website

- Mediums: how a visitor gets to your site - like clicking on an ad or a social media post, for example

- Visitor behaviour: which pages people go to and how long they spend there, for example

- Conversions: when people do a particular action, like make a purchase or sign up to a newsletter, for example.


Here are 7 of the best Google Analytics report templates you can use to get you started.


1. Google Analytics report template


The Google Analytics report template comes preloaded with all the important Google Analytics metrics you'll need to track webpage performance.


The report includes key KPIs like:


  • Sessions and users (users, page views, bounce rate, page per session, session duration and more)
  • Goal completions and conversions (goal conversion rate, first interaction conversion, last interaction conversion, assisted conversions)
  • Channel performance (traffic sources, channel, source, medium)
  • Landing page (landing page sessions, conversion rate, revenue metrics, bounce rate, page load time)
  • Browser (browser, operating system)
  • Geo report (metro area, city, region, country)
  • Ecommerce transactions (conversion rate, transactions, revenue, avg order value, unique purchases)


See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


2. Digital marketing report template


The digital marketing report template lets you track and report on everything from Google Analytics data to PPC campaigns to content marketing efforts in one convenient dashboard.


Key KPIs the report includes are:


  • Bounce rate
  • Campaign performance (cost per click, click through rate, conversion rate, revenue)
  • Channel performance by traffic source (organic traffic, social media traffic, paid search traffic, referral traffic, email traffic)
  • Conversion rate
  • Goal completions
  • Performance by landing page (total website visitors, average page views, pages per visit, bounce rate


See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


3. SEO report template


For your Search engine optimization (or SEO) you need to track your google organic traffic, keywords, and different KPIs where you use Google Analytics alongside other SEO tools. Our SEO report template has all the stats you'll need to optimize your site content and increase your organic search ranking. Data can be pulled from Google Search console, GA or your favourite SEO tool.


The report includes KPIs such as:


  • Organic sessions (organic search visits, bounce rate, average page load time)
  • Top organic landing pages (visits by channel, visits by device, new vs. returning visitors)
  • Organic conversion rate (organic conversions, revenues from organic, transactions from organic)
  • Top organic keywords (best performing keywords by: clicks, impressions, CTR, average position)


SEO report template

See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


4. Ecommerce report template


Whether you're a small business or a large company, the ecommerce report template will give you valuable insights into sales and marketing performance as well as the user experience of your online retail business.


Key metrics this template includes are:


  • Ecommerce transactions
  • Revenue
  • Product sales
  • Ecommerce conversion rate by channel


Ecommerce report template

See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


5. Social media report template


The social media report template gives you all the data you need to optimize your social media campaigns and drive traffic to your website or online store. 


The template includes metrics like:


  • Likes and followers (page likes, new likes, follower growth)
  • Impressions and reach
  • Engagement rate (likes, shares, comments, clicks)
  • Top performing posts (engagement and engagement rate, likes, reach)


social media report template

See this template live | Use this template with your own data!



6. Executive report template


Need to generate reports for CEOs, marketing executives or your boss? The executive report template includes all the KPIs that upper level management will be interested in, such as:


  • Total cost
  • Revenue
  • Return on investment
  • Goal completions


executive report template

See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


7. Sales report template


Tired of manually typing out weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly sales reports? Try out the sales report template for size - it has all the stats you'll need and the data is automatically fetched for you.


The template includes preset KPIs like:


  • Total sales revenue
  • Transaction and sales history
  • Product sales
  • Conversion rate


See this template live | Use this template with your own data!


Don't see quite what you're looking for? No problem - create a custom Google Analytics dashboard that's set up exactly the way you (and your clients) want.


Choose your reporting schedule (from daily to yearly) and the KPIs you want to track, link your Google Analytics account (and any of the other 34+ digital marketing tools we support) and we'll take care of the rest.


How to create a Google Analytics dashboard


Getting started is easy. All you have to do is sign up and connect your Google Analytics account along with any other platforms you want to pull data from.


After you've authorized the platforms in your account, your data will be updated daily and you're up and running.


Try any or all of these templates with your own data!


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