New: Google Sheets Native Integration Now Available!

Our Google Sheets native integration is now available to bring your data visualization to a whole new level! 


With this new addition, the sky's the limit; you can add any metrics, from any source, or any custom calculations and proprietary data!


Yes, it's spreadsheet data, no, it won't look like an excel spreadsheet! 


With our new native Google Sheets integration, you'll be able to present your KPIs exactly the same way as with any other integration; with pie charts, graphs, bar charts, basically any widget type you prefer! 


There's no need for CSV templates, or even a tutorial. It's easier, and much faster than any add-ons!


The possibilities are endless!


From Amazon to HubSpot, you can now track any marketing platform, CRM, SEO tool, social media platform or proprietary data with Google spreadsheets, and add all your key metrics and data sources natively in your dashboards. 


Any integration you need!


You can pull data from anywhere! With our Google Sheets integration, you can add pretty much any integration we do not currently integrate natively into DashThis, like Shopify for example.


Your own custom calculations


One of the great advantages of using Google Sheets is that you can do all your very own calculations. Now, you can very easily bring your data analysis calculations in DashThis automatically! Every time your spreadsheets will be updated with new data, so will your dashboards.


Your proprietary data


Why not add your own proprietary data? May it be internal data about HR, your budgets, possibilities are truly endless! All you have to do is put that data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and connect it to DashThis. We’ll even build your historical data for you so that you can see the big picture of any data through time. 

And it’s all automatically updated!


No need to manually update your data in DashThis, every time there’s a new entry in your Google Sheets, it’s automatically updated in DashThis. That means you could schedule automatic Google Sheets updates and simply forget about it, like with any other native integration! 

Ready to add Google Sheets to your account? 


Here's how you can add your Google Sheets data in DashThis:


1- Make sure your Google Sheets spreadsheet has the right layout and formatting.


2- Connect the Google Sheets integration into your account and choose your preferred sheet(s). 


3- Voilà! You can now track your Google Sheets data like you would any other integration. 

You can create a new Google Sheets dashboard and customize it how you prefer, add it to one of your existing marketing dashboards, or even add it to any report templates! You can even mix it up with any other integration metrics, from Google Analytics data to Facebook Ads or Google Ads KPIs. The possibilities are truly endless.


What are you waiting for? Go try it out! 

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