How to Connect Your Shopify Data to DashThis

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You want to connect your Shopify data to DashThis? No problem! 


Even if we don’t have a native Shopify integration yet, there’s an easy way to connect your data nonetheless! By using our new Google Sheets integration, it’s now easier and faster to track any data, Shopify included. 


All you have to do is set up automatic export of your Shopify data in Sheets, and then connect it to DashThis! 


Here’s how!


Step 1: export your data in Google Sheets


The first thing you need to do is export your Shopify data, to do so, we recommend using a third party such as data export


You can easily connect this third party directly in your Shopify apps, and export your data in sheets automatically.


We wrote a help center article showing how to export your data step by step using data export.


If you don’t want to use Data Export, you could use any other tool or third-party, like Zapier for example, as long as the end result is an automated export of your Shopify data in Google sheets. Just make sure it’s exported in the right format!


Step 2: Connect your Google Sheets in DashThis


Once you have your sheets ready, all you have to do is connect them to your account and dashboards! 


Simply connect the Google Sheets integration, and choose your Shopify Sheets. 


You can add them to any dashboard you currently use, create brand new Shopify dashboards, or maybe start with a template and add your Shopify data to it!


The data will be presented just like with any other integrations, with graphs and charts, so your clients will have an easy-to-understand, good looking Shopify dashboard! 


On top of it, you can track multiple different integrations along with it, and there are no limits to the number of Shopify accounts you can connect! 

Need more details? Check out our help center article, or reach out to us! 

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