How to automate the sharing of your marketing report

automate marketing reports

All our fellow marketers, we get you: we know how busy you are, and we realize that with everything you constantly have in mind, every second must be used wisely.


Considering everything you’ve got going on in your professional life, is setting countless reminders to remember to send your marketing report on time a wise use of your time on this Earth? This is rhetorical: of course it’s not.


DashThis allows you to avoid the manual sending of dozens of emails every months by automating the sharing of your marketing report.


How is it done?

Here, lemme show you the ropes:


Once your marketing report is ready, go to “View mode” in the top right corner, then select the email icon.


marketing report sharing


From there, you can simply type in your recipient’s address or mailing list, leave a note if you wish, include a report summary or a PDF version if you feel like it, and then choose your email dispatch frequency.


The weekly option will let you select your preferred weekday, while the monthly option will allow you to choose a recurring month day for your marketing report email dispatch.


marketing report sharing


If you ever wish to edit your sharing options, you can always go to your “Email sharing settings”, right under your awesome user photo, select the marketing report whose settings you wish to modify and make the needed changes.


Marketing report sharing


There you go! You’re all set. You can now check your marketing report email dispatch items off your to-do list without even having to lift a finger! You’re welcome!


Happy reporting!

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