Make the Most of the Rolling Dashboard Type

Rolling dashboard

How to make the most of the rolling dashboard type

Creating a new dashboard with DashThis is a whole lot of fun: so many dashboard types and widgets to choose from, and all these pretty colours and graphs and charts…! Truth is though, as easy-on-the-eyes as it may be, the wide range of possibilities can also become a little overwhelming.


Amongst the three dashboard types we offer (rolling, periodic, and campaign), the vast majority of our clients choose to work with a periodic template, as it provides a vast selection of features, making them spoiled with choices. That’s great, but even though it often strikes as the most “complete” dashboard type DashThis has to offer, the periodic dashboard might not always be the best choice when it comes to taking a look at a specific campaign’s results.


That’s exactly what our second weekly reporting tip is about.

Use a rolling dashboard type to analyse your current campaigns’ success at a glance

“How is it different from the other dashboard types?” you may ask. Well, in contrast with the periodic dashboard, the rolling dashboard uses very few features, which make it very quick to understand. You get to choose between the layout of a rolling widget and a rolling list, which both present the information in a very concise, yet complete way.


The rolling dashboard measures the performance of campaigns that are currently rolling, over a specific period of time (for example: yesterday, last 7 days and last 15 days), as opposed to the campaign dashboard type, which is used to compare completed campaigns with one another.


Here’s an example of a rolling dashboard:


Rolling dashboard example

This dashboard type allows you to see in just a few seconds the evolution of your campaign over the last 30 days. A cause and effect relationship can clearly be established between the number of impressions and clicks, which have both increased, and the number of transactions, which has followed the same trend. It doesn’t get easier than this!


To learn how to make the most of your rolling dashboard, read all about it in our help center.


Happy reporting!

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