Our Brand New Direction & Product-Led Vision

Do you feel that? There’s a buzz, some electricity in the air, a fresh breeze is blowing.


Everyone at DashThis is energized and diving deep in new, motivating projects! 


Is it the effect of the beacon of hope that 2021 brings with the increasingly widespread Covid vaccine? (We’ll see each other again, hopefully🤞!)


It may be a little bit of that, but the main reason behind that newfound energy is that DashThis has recently undergone a change in direction, both in the literal and figurative way. 


Our past COO, Antoine, is now CEO. What does that change, you’ll say? Well, with his new responsibilities, he and Stephane, our president, decided to take DashThis in a brand new direction. 


Past strategies and visions worked out really great for us! After all, we ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for 3 years in a row now. Our company has been doing absolutely fantastic in the past couple of years. 


So why change? 


The real question is: why stay the same? 


Are we going to stay on autopilot while the market changes? Of course not! 


Antoine’s new position is really just that last little push DashThis needed to dive deep into new projects and shake things up a little.


Product-led: the name of the game!


One of the changes that will now be implemented is our new product-led vision. 


We were always looking for new ways to improve our product and worked relentlessly on new features and integrations. However, by becoming more of a product-led company, we aim to really bring our product to a whole new level


What exactly is a product-led company? Here’s what Wes Bush from Productled.com has to say about that:

“Unlike sales-led companies where the whole goal is to take a buyer from Point A to Point B in a sales cycle, product-led companies flip the traditional sales model on its head. Product-led companies make this possible by giving the buyer the “keys” to use the product and helping them experience a meaningful outcome while using the product. At this point, upgrading to a paid plan becomes a no-brainer.”

To simplify, it's putting all our efforts towards providing the best possible product for our users.


Instead of meeting all your needs, we will go ahead of them! We want DashThis to be more than a great time-saving tool, we want to become a product that you didn’t even know you needed, but can’t live without anymore! And with our second-to-none customer experience on top of it, it’s the extra 10 cherries on top of an already amazing cake! 


How will we do that? That’s the reflection we are currently having, nothing is really set in stone yet.


We’re going off-road to pave a new, better path, because as a famous scientific once said:

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!"

- Dr. Emmett Brown


New vision, improved culture


But it’s not just about the product, it’s also about the people. 


Antoine and Steph’s vision for DashThis’ future is all about these core values: communication, transparency, and first and foremost; having fun! 


Being happy at work and fulfilled professionally is at the center of their plan for every single DashThis employee. 


And talking of employees, to attain all our new product-led objectives, we’ll need some helping hands, so we’re going to hire! 


We aim to keep the perfect balance of a small, motivated and tightly-knit team where everyone is working towards the same objectives. So we will carefully select new employees that will be a great fit with our vision.


We will need to find new talented developers to join our cream-of-the-crop team and bring our product to the next level, and in order to keep the morale up and make sure everyone’s professional fulfillment is met, we just hired someone to take care of the team.


Someone who will make sure our culture and vision are at the heart of everything we do, that everyone is having fun, is motivated at work, and communicating their needs. 


What to expect?


First off, DashThis will still be the awesome reporting tool you already love! We’re just going to make it way better; Just like graham crackers are quite great on their own, but become absolutely amazing once you add chocolate, marshmallows, and a bit of heat! 


New and exciting things are cooking and should be released in the months and years to come!


Right now, we’re still digging deep into all the layers of our product to find every single enhancement and new additions that would simplify and better your life. After all, our growth is the direct consequence of YOUR level of satisfaction. 


We still don’t know what we will develop first between all our current ideas, but we can promise that it’ll help you out on a daily basis and that just like DashThis is, and has always been, it’ll be easy-to-use! 


We’ll offer an effortless, frictionless experience for all our users.


So I hope you like s’mores because they’re coming! 


Stay tuned.


Do you have some feedback on how we could improve DashThis, or need something more for your reporting? Drop us a line, we’d be really glad to have your opinion! 


And if you’d like to join the team and work on all those new motivating projects, let us know

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