Product Update: December 14, 2016

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After the launch of our tool’s great rebrand last month, we’re keeping the same pace and rolling out features and updates on a consistent basis.


Today’s product update includes:

  • A new blog category where you’ll find all our product updates as soon as they’re released;
  • Dashboards that now save your changes automatically;
  • A tweaked navigation menu that makes things easier on smaller screens, and helps the CSV File Manager and Image Manager be more accessible;
  • A streamlined widget menu that makes writing a note, deleting, or refreshing a widget that much simpler;
  • The addition of a year-over-year widget to help you compare your data over time.


Product Update Blog Category

First off, the new blog category dedicated to product updates… it’s new!


From now on, you’ll get these announcements as soon as we launch an update. When you log into your account, you’ll see in the top right-hand corner of your window a new icon.

product update notifications


If there’s a red sticker on it, it means there’s something new you should know about! Clicking on it will open the blade where you can see a preview of the announcement, and you can then be redirected to the full article on the blog. If you want some tips of the trade or current industry news, this is where you’ll always have access to our blog from!


Dashboard Autosave

From now on, when you’re editing your dashboards, the “save/cancel” buttons at the top won’t appear anymore. Any changes you make to your dashboards will be saved automatically!


Side note though: although at this point you still have to manually save any changes you make within an individual widget, we’re working on eliminating this step as well!


Collapsable Navigation menu with CSV File and Image Managers

Some users mentioned that they felt that the CSV File Manager and the Image Manager were both a bit too far removed from the action. Therefore, both of these Managers are now that much easier to use; they’re both be accessible at all times in the left-hand navigation menu blade, instead of hidden in your account menu.


In addition, if you’ve got a smaller screen, you’ll be able to collapse the entire Navigation menu if you find that it takes up too much room. Just click on the expand button to open it up again!

new navigation menu


Streamlined Note, Delete and Refresh capabilities in the Widget menu

While most of the widget menu stays intact, we subtly changed a few things to simplify editing.


First off, when you want to add a note to your widget, clicking on the “note” button will open a new blade on which you can write, instead of you having to write directly on the widget. This will give you more room to work, and in general, is easier to read than what it used to be! You’ll then be able to save and cancel your note, without covering the widget at all.


Secondly, we’ve streamlined the widget menu by putting the “delete” and “refresh” buttons together. Now, instead of having them take up unnecessary room on the widget, you just click on the arrow to access them both at the same time.

edit widget notes


Year-over-year Widget

We’ve got a new type of custom widget! Whenever you want a trend widget with a single metric in it, you can compare your current data with the equivalent from a different time period. For example, if you have a monthly widget, you can compare this year’s data with last year’s, broken down month-by-month. For a weekly widget, you can compare recent weeks’ data with the equivalent weeks from the previous year.


You can even change the visual layout to better distinguish each period (for example, current data as a bar chart, compared period’s data as a line chart). Pretty cool, right?

new compare data options


A few other fixes…

  • We fixed the issue of widget filter details: now, when you open your widget filter options, you’ll already see the existing filter, instead of having to go back-and-forth with the widget details.
  • You may have been having some issues getting information in Facebook Insights from a few particular types of posts… well… we fixed that too!


If you have any questions or comments, you know where to find us!
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