Product Update: December 21, 2016


Just in time for a little holiday vacation, today brings a few more product updates, such as:

  • The Instagram Ads native integration, which allows you to access your data without going through Facebook Ads;
  • And, merged email PDF attachments, so you can skip the exporting step once and for all.


Instagram Ads native integration


You’ve had access to a lot of your Instagram Ads information already by going through Facebook Ads. However, in order to simplify even further your use of Instagram Ads, we’ve added a new, native integration. This means that you can now see your Instagram Ads data separately from your Facebook Ads data!

Of course, if you still want to see your Instagram and Facebook Ads data together as before, you can.

You’ll find Instagram Ads in your Integration Manager along with every other integration. You can learn more about the available metrics and dimensions in our help center.



Report PDF attachment in automatic email dispatches

You’ve always been able to schedule automatic report dispatching with the dashboard’s URL and a short summary included. You’ve also always been able to export your dashboard report as a PDF.

Now though, we’ve combined the two! When you open your email sharing settings, underneath the preexisting option to include a report summary in the email, you’ll also have the option to include the full report as a PDF attachment.


Two birds, with one stone, as it were!


A few other fixes…

  • Some users had issues editing their widgets now that we have the new dashboard autosave installed. Well… that won’t happen anymore. So even if you didn’t notice it… you never will!
  • Also, if some of your multicolumn lists showed replicated lists… yeah… that’s over too.
  • We fixed a few other things that were bugging us but that you probably didn’t even notice.

If you have any questions or comments, you know where to find us!
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