Product Update: December 2017

New operations in your Dashboard

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here at DashThis, we love the Holiday spirit and the gift unwrapping just as much as you do, so this is why we’ve been spending these last few weeks working on keeping DashThis what you want it to be: a gift that keeps on giving.


Check out the new updates!


It’s a whole new day for your Google Analytics integration

Remember that time at the beginning of the month when your widgets would take forever to load because everyone was at it at the same time? Well, the Google Analytics integration has been updated in a way that allows for quicker and more intelligent prioritization of all the data import. As a result, your widgets might load faster and you might get your Google Analytics data in the blink of an eye (OK, maybe not, but we did get an eyelash closer to it). I mean, how great is that?



Optimize your cloning process like never before

Massive dashboard cloners, we heard you and have revolutionized your cloning process. See how!


Clone naming has taken a new turn:

It used to be impossible to edit your original dashboard name before the cloning process was over. Well, these dark, difficult name-editing days are now a thing of the past, as it’s now possible to do it during the creation process instead of having to wait until after. Go ahead, edit away!


Look at our brand new button:

In this DashThis version, you will find a new “Clone and return to dashboards” button, which allows you to go back to your dashboard manager after cloning a dashboard, rather than having your cloned dashboard to open automatically every time. This new process will result in saving you tons of clicks through your countless clones, because let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do!


clone marketing dashboards



Changes in AdWords land

This new update offers a change we’ve been asked for regarding the AdWords integration, as it’s now possible to differentiate the various AdWords keywords match types. Thus, you get to choose whether to use this new dimension in your reports or to keep going as you already were. How flexible is that?



Customer ID, customer ID everywhere!

Don’t let your numerous identically named CSV files confuse you anymore when importing your own data into DashThis! In this update, your customer ID has been added at several places in DashThis so that you always know exactly which file you’re working with.



Check out our new hotel dashboard template!

All my hotel managers on the floor, it’s time to put your hands up in the air as we have provided you with a brand new hotel dashboard template! Connect your sources and get off to a good start with your hotel reports: you can use the suggested KPIs or customize your dashboard at will. Enjoy!



Other quick fixes:

  • When selecting a segment for your Google Analytics widget, you can now find this segment displayed in the widget details.
  • Google Analytics’ Average Page Load Time metric is now sorted in ascending order. Seems way more logical that way, doesn’t it?
  • For the AdWords metric Quality Score, the Keyword dimensions now only show when there’s a number related, rather than showing all the time even if there’s no data, which means you only see this information when it’s relevant to your report.
  • Facebook Ads ROI and ROAS metrics are now displayed in decimal, rather than in percentage, which better reflects the results you would be seeing on Facebook Ads itself.
  • When editing a widget for the Adform integration, you can now find the existing filters displayed in the widget’s edition panel and the widget’s details panel.
  • Last but not least: we brought back the preset widgets to the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration. Yay!


As you can see, this has been an extremely productive few weeks, and the good news is, January promises to be just as awesome. Until then, the team at DashThis wishes you amazing Holidays and is so glad your gift unwrapping is off to such a good start! Cheers!

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