Product Update: May 23, 2017

Product Update: May 23, 2017

Spring is in full bloom here in Québec, and with this lovely month of May, we’re feeling the sunshine and getting out of our winter slushy funk. Which means… some brand new features and some fun updates in DashThis! This month, we’re bringing:

  • A long awaited native LinkedIn Ads integration;
  • The ability to give your dashboards a more neutral look;
  • A whole new section on our website: each integration now has its own page;
  • And, some new metrics for your MailChimp integration.


A LinkedIn Ads integration

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable and important social media platforms we have. LinkedIn Ads gives you the capacity to target your advertisements according to people’s job title, industry, and a lot more, therefore ensuring that you’re reaching exactly who you need to be.


A native LinkedIn Ads integration has been in the works for a while now, and it’s finally live! Now, you can include your LinkedIn Ads performance in any social media or PPC advertising dashboard you want – with just one click!


To get more details, check out our informational page here, or our Help Center article here.



Neutral Dashboard Header

Obviously, we love our new colourful branding. Dashboards are so much more fun when they’re dynamic and vibrant.


However, we also understand that sometimes, you might need your dashboard to look a little more neutral (perhaps in order to satisfy a picky client, or simply make your awesome widgets stand out a little more). That’s why we’ve given you the ability to switch out our multi-colour header with a neutral grey-toned one!


You know though, you can always drop us a line and we can make you a fully custom one exactly to your liking….!


Sign in to your account to give the new look a try!


alternative marketing report header



Individual Webpages for Each Integration

We now have over 30 native integrations in DashThis, and we’re constantly adding new ones. Although they’re each present in our Help Center, and you can find what you need in order to use them in your dashboards, we wanted to build a virtual hub where you could easily see not only every integration we have, but also, the details of these integrations (their preset widgets, their metrics, and what a dashboard with the integration could potentially look like).


Enter: our brand-spanking new Integration Section! All our integrations are listed here, and they each have their own page where you can really get a feel for what you can do with them.

marketing dashboard data sources pages



New MailChimp metrics

Ahhh email marketing… we all know that it’s one of the best ways to reach your customers effectively, right? Thousands of people use MailChimp for their email marketing, including a lot of you.


With that in mind, we added a few new metrics and dimensions that you can use directly in our system. Understanding your email performance just got easier!


To learn more about these new metrics and dimensions, take a look at our Help Center article that mentions them all!



A few more fixes:

We’re always improving our system in every way we can, so, as per usual, we made a few minor fixes that you probably didn’t even notice!

  • We streamlined and reorganized your options in the dashboard manager menus, so now it’s even easier to navigate through your dashboards and your groups.
  • Since it’s now possible to manage multiple accounts simultaneously in Google AdWords, you can now also seamlessly access all of those accounts in our system – no log-in, log-out, log-in needed!
  • There was a minor issue with the display when hovering over a trend widget. We fixed it so that all your data stays displayed properly when you’re hovering and looking at specific data points.
  • If a dashboard had a pie chart in it and you exported it to PDF, sometimes the pie chart’s bars would overflow out of the regular bounds of the widget. That’s over though! Now, everything stays in its proper place!
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