Product Update: November 2017

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Do you sometimes have problems that you actually enjoy having? Like… having too many options to choose from? Well, that’s a difficulty I’m facing right now: I have a product update to write and sooo many things to talk about!


Our team was on fire this past month! You know what? I don’t want to choose, I want to write about everything!


Ready for a ton of updates? Let’s go!


Facebook Ads

We’re in the middle of many projects with Facebook Ads lately, so there are many updates on this front. Have a look!


Say hello to new metrics!

We’ve got new metrics! And pretty neat ones, I must say. Remember the days when you had to select the metric “Actions” and then choose the specific action type in another dropdown menu, all so you could see the numbers of Likes? Well, those days are over!


We’ve transformed the most used action types into actual metrics. There’s no need to click on two things now! You’ll find them in the dropdown menu, among the regular metrics, when creating a custom widget. Check out this table containing every Facebook Ads metric to see what you can choose from! These new metrics also have corresponding preset widgets, in case that’s what you prefer! We’ve even made a video to show you how quick and simple it is!


Check it out here:




More filters, more data accuracy

Facebook Ads doesn’t only have new metrics, it also has a new filter! You can now break down your data according to the platform.


Facebook Ads makes it easy to manage your ads: it centralizes 4 platforms into one interface. The downside of this used to be data aggregation: when you created a widget with Facebook Ads, the data displayed in your widgets was actually the sum of the data from both Facebook and Instagram. See how I’ve used the past tense? It’s because you can now decide exactly what you want to see!


In order to provide you with the data you want and need, we’ve created a new filter called Platform. This filter allows you to see data from just one of the 4 different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network), or from all of them together! If you want to learn all the details on how to use this new filter, we’ve described everything in this section of our Help Center. Have a look!


It’s time to unleash the power of these platforms!



Organize better, work faster

The last thing (for now!) we’ve updated in Facebook Ads is the way the metrics are displayed in the dropdown menu.


They are now grouped by goals: Conversion, Engagement, and Performance. We’ve reorganized the metrics so that you don’t need to spend so much time looking for what you want.


Organization is the key to efficiency!



More and better resources for your CSV files

We know that CSV files might seem a bit arduous at first sight, so we’ve reinforced the support along the way for you!


First things first, we’ve added a tooltip in the CSV files section. It’s a link to a revamped Help Center article that’ll tell you what a CSV file is and how it should be structured. You can now easily and quickly access this information before creating a template! It’ll prevent some headaches!


For the more visual people among you, we also gave our video that shows the template creation process a makeover. If you don’t feel like reading, you can just watch and listen to one of our account managers go through the process of using a CSV file, from creating the template to building the widget.


In words or in video, we’re there for you!



Other quick fixes:

  • You can now just click outside the panels to close them whenever you find yourself in the admin section. These little things make life better and easier, you know!
  • We’ve increased the speed when you clone a dashboard as well as when you access the Manage sources option. Less time waiting, more time to create your perfect dashboard (or do something else, your choice)!
  • You’ll find a new language-currency package fresh out of the oven! If you have a client in Thailand, you can now set a dashboard in Thai with the Baht currency. Nice!
  • We’ve changed the name of two metrics in Facebook Ads so they match exactly what you find in Facebook. These metrics are CPC (Cost per Inline Link Click) and Inline Link Clicks. No more confusion!
  • Adform users, we’ve got some great news for you: you can create custom widgets and edit existing widgets with Adform. It’s time to create and edit aaall the widgets!
  • And this one is for our Twitter users: you get results when using the hashtag filter with any dimension in your widgets!
  • Do you use headers in your dashboards? If yes, this update is for you: headers won’t insert page breaks by default anymore. The option is still available in the Edit Widget panel, though!
  • Speaking of the Edit Widget panel, you can resize its height when you undock it from its initial position. If it was ever too big for your screen, those days are over!


Phew! That was a lot of updates and upgrades! Connect to your account to enjoy all of these new things! And there’s already a list of updates building up for next month!

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