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Search Station in a nutshell:

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When creating reports for clients, every agency has different priorities and needs. However, everyone seems to agree that clear, effective, and beautiful reports are a must-have. 


In order to sustain a good client-agency relationship, reports have to present data in a clear format that’s very easy to understand even for non-marketers. On top of that, if the report can display colours and a layout that beautifully represents your agency, there’s no going back to your unimpressive spreadsheet reports!


As we will see in this case study about how Search Station switched to DashThis for better reporting, not all reporting tools can provide good-looking reports that are just as time-saving as they are easy-to-understand, like DashThis’. 


Who’s Search Station?

Search Station is a leading digital growth agency that is helping businesses generate a positive return on their digital marketing spend while also bridging the gap between web and paid media.


What kind of reports do they create?

Search Station creates in-depth reports that focus on SEO, PPC and CRO, and can customize it with different metrics and KPIs at their clients' request. 


The folks at Search Station even combine their reports with video recording software to discuss and explain their results to their clients. That way, they bring their client-agency communication to the next level.


Needless to say that having efficient communication between the agency and their clients through reporting is of utmost importance to Search Station, which is why they switched from Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to DashThis.


From cumbersome to easy, unique and professional

At first, much like many other agencies, Search Station used Google Sheets to create their reports. However, they quickly decided to switch to an automated reporting tool since manual reports with Google Sheets took way too long and were prone to breaking at any minute.


A visually pleasing and clear report really helps clients understand their results. So they were also looking for a reporting tool that would provide clearer, good-looking marketing reports.


They tried multiple software including Swdyo and Google Data Studio but were not convinced by either the look of the reports or the pricing of these solutions.


“We found that both were rather cumbersome and simply did not look professional or unique. They look rather dated and did not have our colours and unique theme so we looked for an alternative.” 


- David Wilkinson, Director of Search @ Search Station


When a director suggested DashThis after hearing about it from a previous client, they discovered a tool that offered exactly the features and visual aspect they were looking for, for a very competitive price.


Automated reports with DashThis also offer more possibilities like looking back at different time periods, which was harder to achieve with other solutions. 


How their reporting game changed with DashThis


Search Station can now create reports quickly with templates and then tweak them further as needed; split goals by source and do everything that is possible in analytics, in basically half the time it used to take. 


DashThis allows Search Station to show how well their team is doing while still keeping the feel and branding of their business thanks to a custom white-label report design.

“ It is visually appealing and easy for customers to use, it is also automated and easy to put together if changes are necessary, combining this with recorded videos of individuals talking through the report to the client in a video, I believe, is something that really sets us apart from most other agencies.”

- David Wilkinson, Director of Search @ Search Station

Reporting as a plus-value service

Now, not only can Search Station create their client reports quickly and efficiently, they can even offer reporting as a plus-value service for clients who just want to see how well their website is doing for example.

"DashThis is helping us grow and also makes us look more professional as a business thanks to its branding features."

- David Wilkinson, Director of Search @ Search Station

They even received positive feedback from their clients on the reports combined with their video recordings. Offering a one-of-a-kind personalized service like that to clients is not only appreciated, it makes all the difference. 


Thanks to both their personalized approach with video recordings as well as clearer, good-looking reports, Search Station is now giving clients an uncompromising, impeccable service like no other. 


If you want to use reporting as a plus-value service and really bring your agency’s services to another level, do like Search Station, and combine personalized service with Custom DashThis reports today. 

Create reports for your social media marketingecommerceSEOlead generationbrand awarenessPPCemail marketing and any other marketing strategy your marketing agency uses with DashThis.


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