How Can Social Media Help You Increase Your E-commerce Sales

You just can't undermine the importance of social channels to grow your e-commerce business these days.


Social networks, influencers, and social media marketing are now regularly used to increase e-commerce sales.


Gone are the days when social media platforms were only used to send instant messages or share photos. Over the past few years, social media has evolved to suit the requirements of the digital market and provide a platform for online businesses to expand, increase sales, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic.


It's no surprise that the rate of online purchases in recent years has increased significantly. As stated in this NationMaster article " Online shopping is now accounting for almost 10% of total retail sales."


Moreover, with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, social media has around 2.5 billion users currently. It means some million customers right there just waiting for you to launch your products or services on your social media pages.


So if you are looking for some tips to grow your e-commerce business through social media, we have got you covered!


Socialize with your customers

As an e-commerce, it’s not easy to gain the trust of potential customers right away. There are so many different e-commerce platforms and e-commerce brands that it can become hard for new customers to know who they can trust to provide quality products and services.


One way to gain their trust is to socialize with them more efficiently, and you cannot ask for a better way to do it than through social media.


The way e-commerce stores interact with their customers has evolved. People can now very easily reach out to you on your facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social platforms.


Where it can become an overwhelming task to answer each and every query, it has its own perks that can leave a long-lasting effect! You may end up with a better overall conversion rate since your customers and target audience will get a better shopping experience, and therefore will be more likely to buy your products and come back again.


You need to treat your customers with respect and openness so that they can ask their queries without any hesitation. You also need to take their feedback seriously as it will help you to improve your services and retain customers in the long run.


Make your social media page more interactive

Do you know what makes a social media user instantly click or share your post? The number of likes and comments on it.


It’s in human nature to be curious so that we are not left behind, which means the more engagement you have on your social media page, the better it is for your e-commerce sales.


Try to interact with your customers through catchy status updates/tweets/captions and attractive photos. You can divert traffic from your social media page to your website by triggering curiosity with a question or a phrase. A link to a landing page that contains the answer would tempt the customer to click on it right away!


Keep it simple

One of the reasons why people love social media is because of how easy it is to access literally everything in real-time. If you are selling your products through social media, your purchase method should not appear too lengthy or difficult for the customer.


If you are posting a picture of your product, make sure to write all the relevant and authenticated information about it. From available sizes to colours and price range, everything should be mentioned at a glance. You also need to post a link to your online store so they can finalize the purchase and checkout.


Seek professional help

A popular misconception about handling a social media page is that anyone can do it!


That’s absolutely not the case, and this is exactly where most companies lack in social media marketing.


If you want to grow your e-commerce business extensively, you need to expand your team as well.


Hire a professional social media expert who can create a good social media strategy and handle your e-commerce business on various social channels. By doing so, you will bring professionalism in every aspect of your business that will ultimately influence all the factors we discussed above!


Final thoughts


In today’s online market, neglecting the importance of social media can have a bad influence on your e-commerce sales. Where the number of social media users are increasing day by day, businesses are also leaning towards building a strong social media presence. Interact with your customers and ask for their feedback to improve your customer care and satisfaction. Don't forget to track your data with a social media analytics report. Moreover, don’t hesitate to hire a professional to manage your social media pages. You just need to exert your efforts in the right way and then, milk it for all it’s worth!


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Ashley Rosa

Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well. Currently, she is associated with SETalks Team. She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her on twitter: @ashrosa2.

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