What Is A KPI Report And How To Create One

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Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) are a crucial part of reporting. These are the indicators you need to track in order to know if you're well on your way to complete your business goals.


You need to track your KPIs in order to have a clear picture of which marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren't. With this knowledge, you can drop the unprofitable parts of your strategy and focus on making the profitable ones work even better!


Let's drill down on what KPIs to keep track of, and how to create a great KPI report in no time.


How to track the right KPIs

To create a KPI dashboard that includes all the best KPIs, you first need to take a look at your strategic goals. What are you doing to improve your company's performance? Are you working on a social media campaign? A PPC strategy?


Depending on your business objectives, you can choose the business metrics most appropriate to track your business performance and campaign performance. There are multiple types of KPIs to track depending on your KPI reporting objectives. But the most important thing to keep in mind, is that your KPIs must always be actionable, and in line with your business goals.


KPI examples:

Depending on your strategies, here are some of the most popular KPI examples you can track.


Marketing KPIs


There are multiple marketing KPIs you can track for your overall marketing strategies. You have multiple marketing activities, and there are some digital marketing KPIs that you most likely need to track no matter what!


- Conversion rate

- Total number of clicks

- ROI (return on investment)

- New vs returning visitors


You can use a preset report template to track all these marketing KPI data points and performance metrics in no time.


digital marketing report template

See this report live.




It's crucial to track all your SEO efforts closely to be able to put all your efforts on the right content and keywords.

Here are some SEO and Google Analytics reporting KPIs you should keep track of:


- Website traffic

- Landing page visits

- Bounce rate

- Number of Backlinks

- Number of Referring Domains

- Search Engine Ranking / Position


You can use a preset report template to track all these SEO data points and performance metrics in no time.


seo report template

See this report live.


Sales KPIs


When you have an e-commerce website, you need a report filled with the most important sales KPIs. 

Here are some sales performance reporting KPIs you should track:


- Profit margin

- Sales revenue

- Cost per transaction

- Cart abandonment rate

- Customer lifetime value


You can use a preset report template to track all these sales data points and performance metrics in no time.


ecommerce report template

See this report live.


Social media KPIs


Social media marketing is all about brand awareness, how many people saw your posts, and liked them, so make sure you check those KPIs:

Here are some social media reporting KPIs to keep track of:

- Page likes and followers

- Social media engagement rate

- Reach and impressions

- Frequency


You can use a preset report template to track all these social media data points and performance metrics in no time.


social media report template

See this report live.


How to create the best KPI report

There are multiple ways to create KPI reports, you could use excel, and copy-paste any number of KPIs into it, or you could use an automated dashboard software so that your reports don't have to be manually updated.


The best way to create a KPI report is by using a reporting tool like DashThis to gather all your data sources into the same reporting dashboard.


A reporting software will be set to the time-frame of your choice, gathering all your most important metrics automatically, leaving you plenty of time to work on getting new clients, working on your strategies, and analyzing your business performance.


You can even start with preset report templates already filled with the most important KPIs. So what are you waiting for? Create your own KPI report in seconds!


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