Why Does Google Analytics AdWords Data Return a 0?

Adwords Data

google analytics adwords no data segment

What’s wrong with this KPI? Why isn't it showing the Adwords Cost or CPC as it should be? Especially since I see data in Google Analytics?

This sounds familiar? I’d bet you created the KPI using the Google Analytics Paid Search Segment? That’s why. The problem occurs with every metric: Cost, Clicks, Impressions, CPC, CPM, ROI, Margin, etc.

There’s no obvious reason for this. It just doesn’t work. You can't get Adwords data using the Paid Search advanced segment. There are some metrics / dimensions / advanced segments combinations you just can't use. Read this for the full list.


The good news is that there’s an easy work around: Remove the segment!

You will get the same Adwords data whether you use a Paid Search filter (i.e. ga:medium==cpc) or not. So why bothering using a segment? Just drop it and it will work.

If you need to segment, then use a filter like this for example:


That’s it. No more problem reporting on Adwords data from your Google Analytics account.

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