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Klaviyo has quickly become an indispensable platform for marketers and business owners, and it’s now critical to add email and SMS marketing metrics to reports. Creating a Klaviyo report template allows you to monitor and optimize email campaigns and analyze user behaviors. Track your most important metrics: email and SMS sent, received, opened, and more.

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Klaviyo is one of today's top digital marketing e-commerce email and SMS platforms and with this Klaviyo report, measure your campaign performance, and optimize your online brand awareness. Simply plug in your Klaviyo and view data from your marketing campaigns in real-time when you need it. In addition, you can automate your report to receive it weekly or monthly, depending on how often you need to measure your results.

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White Label Klaviyo Report Your brand

Whether you add your own or your client's logo, make your report reflect your brand with our custom theme feature! Pick your colors and choose how the data is presented: your Klaviyo report never looked so good.

All-in-one Klaviyo report All-in-one

Simply connect your Klaviyo account and drag and drop your widgets onto your report to create a fantastic dashboard that includes all the most critical Klaviyo metrics.

Custom Klaviyo Report Your data

After you create SMS and email campaigns, you will want to measure your results. With Dashthis, customize your widgets to show your Klaviyo data the way you want to.

Automated Klaviyo report Completely automated

We do the heavy-lifting! No more fetching Klaviyo data and copy-pasting in excel spreadsheets or Google sheets, the entire process is automated!

Share Klaviyo Report Multiple sharing options

Share your reports with your clients in seconds with automatic email dispatches, easy-to-share URLs, and printable PDFs. The choice is yours!

Klaviyo template Your own template

Don't start your dashboards from scratch; choose from one of our preset templates or create your very own report template in seconds! 

Available Preset Widgets

Featuring the most common KPIs, these widgets are ready to use! Drag, drop, done!

Klaviyo Report Preset Widgets
  • Email Campaign Performance

    This multi-list column widget shows the received opened, clicked, and bounced emails. 

  • Total sales

    This eCommerce number metric shows the total sales for the period. 

  • SMS Performance

    This trend widget shoes the received and clicked SMS 

Available Metrics

These are the top 12 metrics, and dimensions users usually include in their Klaviyo metrics.

Received Email
The number of times a recipient received an email.
Opened Email
The number of times a recipient opens an email.
Clicked Email
The number of times a recipient clicked on the email.
Bounced Email
The number of times an email soft or hard bounced
Unsubscribed from Email
The number of users which globally unsubscribed from your emails.
Sent SMS
The number of times a recipient texted your destination number to subscribe.
Received SMS
The number of times it was recorded that your recipient received an SMS.
Failed to Deliver SMS
The number of times a SMS is sent but is not delivered to the recipient.
Bounce rate
The number of bounced addresses divided by the total number of recipients.
Open Rate
The rate at which your customers open your emails (the number of individuals opening your email divided by the number of recipients).
Placed Orders
The total number of placed orders.
Ordered Products Value
The total value of items purchased; no shipping costs or discounts included.

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