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If you run a paid ad campaign on Google or various social media apps, you will want to know the ad's success to get a sense of your return on investment and audience engagement. Average view frequency is a metric that will be essential in this analysis, and in this post, we will outline what it is, how it's measured, and how to optimize the number of times your ad is seen.


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What is average view frequency?

Average view frequency measures the average number of times unique users viewed your google ad across a time period. For example, you may have a metric of 1—meaning that viewers saw your ad once on average—or somewhere around 1.5—meaning that it was between one and two times. This tool is also available for video ads, and Google Analytics now allows campaign managers to track campaign performance across that content type.

This metric can provide insight into your growing brand awareness, success with a target audience, or problems with ad frequency. With that information, you can further optimize your digital marketing strategy to ensure you get the best possible results. You can see which ads and marketing strategies perform best by comparing ad frequency across campaigns.

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How to calculate average view frequency?

This value is a ratio of your ad impressions to ad reach and represents how frequently your ad is seen by its audience.

Average view frequency formula


Number of impressions / Ad reach

What is good average view frequency?

There are a few different schools of thought regarding this metric. On the one hand, it will take a few views within a period of time for a customer to get familiar with your brand and eventually make a purchase. However, frequency metrics show that a customer seeing a single ad on repeat in a given time frame can lead to ad fatigue and lower the chance of a purchase after seeing your video advertising or other ad content. With the right target audience who already has brand awareness, having an average view frequency of around one is ideal because viewers are not repeatedly seeing the same ad and developing ad fatigue. For new viewers, you will need a slightly higher value.

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What is bad average view frequency?

A high number in your frequency data is terrible if the high frequency does not correlate to conversions and purchases. To determine the detrimental value for your ad frequency, it is essential to take the measure in context with other metrics in your campaign. Frequency capping is a tool that can be used to avoid overexposure.

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Average View Frequency KPI examples & templates

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Social media advertising template Social media advertising template

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Average view frequency best practices

If your average view frequency metrics are not where they need to be, consider working with these fundamentals to engage your audience better. 

Average view frequency best practices

step 1 icon Optimize the length of your video campaigns

Often, shorter ads gain more traction, as viewers prefer to get more information in a shorter period of time.

step 2 icon Target the right demographics

Ensure your ad is optimized for a specific audience group that will be most likely to make a purchase. Maximizing your SEO, content, and audience parameters will help you perfect this factor.

step 3 icon Improve your bidding strategy

Sometimes, a low-performing ad results from underbidding and a CPM value that is too low. Individuals with ad certification are best suited to establish an effective strategy, as their certification exam requires them to provide the correct answer to bidding questions in a given time period.

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