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For many, the first impression of your product or business happens when they receive an email. This can be the difference between making a sale or having a bad customer experience. Email engagement is an essential KPI to develop your email strategy. Using this data for your email marketing will help you understand your audience further and provide relevant content.

For example, if you identify low click-through rates from your email content, it could mean that customers aren't interested in your product. It could often mean that your audience doesn't see the value in returning to your business. Often it is an indication that you should further optimize your subject lines or call to action to connect more with the proper demographics. The opposite is also true because higher open rates and email engagement rates mean that you are targeting your email list in a way that truly resonates. Let's discuss this further and understand how to optimize your email templates for this KPI properly.


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What is email engagement?

Email engagement is an email marketing measurement that gauges the effectiveness of a given campaign or email marketing strategy. Email engagement can be measured in a few different ways, but it generally refers to the number of recipients, or email subscribers, who took some action on your email. 

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How to calculate email engagement

Your email engagement metric will depend on the type of engagement you hope to achieve from your subscribers. For example, if you are hoping to get lots of opens and clicks on a CTA, you would add those numbers like the formula shown below. It is a measurement of how your audience interacts with your email message. 

(Opens + Clicks) / Sent = Engagement Rate

Email click-through rate formula 

(Number of clicks ÷ impressions) X 100 = CTR

What is a good email engagement?

According to Mailchimp, the average open rate among many industries is 21.33%. The click rate is 2.62%. Using these as benchmarks can help determine whether your campaign was successful or not.

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What is a bad email engagement?

Bad email engagement can come about when the email open rate and click rate are below the average. In addition to that, things like unsubscribe rate, and unopened emails are signs that your campaign is not resonating with your audience. Fine-tuning your email subject lines, digital marketing, and targeting the types of emails sent to your audiences will increase email engagement and decrease bounce rate for your next email send.

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Email engagement KPI examples & templates

Your email engagement can be added to our email report template :

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Email report template Email report template

Our email marketing report template has everything you need to get started quickly: it’s pre-built with the standard KPIs you need, and it’s fully customizable so that you can visualize the data you want, the way you want. Track metrics like open rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rate, and deliverability rate.

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Email engagement best practices

Email engagement is an important metric and therefore, should be optimized. Here are 3 useful tips.

Email click-through rate best practices

step 1 icon Personalization

Personalization is the most important thing you can do to increase your email engagement. When you personalize emails, you'll see higher open rates, click rates, and conversions.

step 2 icon Segmentation

Segmenting emails is the best way to engage or follow up with your subscribers. Segmenting allows you to target your email subscribers with information that tells you what they already like engaging with. For example, if you take advantage of the features in many email clients, you can automate welcome emails for new subscribers.

This ensures that their experiences after purchase or being added to your list are not just transactional. Engaged customers will want to interact with your business more and engage outside your website, like through social media.

step 3 icon Get creative with subject lines

Subject lines are one of the most significant determinants of open rates, so think about how you can make yours stand out from the rest of the large number of emails people receive and avoid ending up in the spam folder.

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