8 Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs Every Marketer Should Track

8 Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs Every Marketer Should Track


In this guide, you’ll learn the eight email marketing metrics that determine the success of your campaigns across your client base.



What are Email Marketing Metrics?

Email marketing metrics are high-level data points that show how far along you are in hitting your KPIs in an email marketing strategy. 


Here’s an automated lead generation email marketing report from DashThis to show you what we mean. Note how it compares the performance of MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and further drills down the email open rate and click rate in the email marketing campaigns listed in the bottom. 


Grab this email analytics report with your own data!


This report provides critical insights and room for improvement—look no further if you use multiple email service providers (ESPs) and want to optimize greater cross-channel capabilities.


How to Track Email Marketing Metrics?

The days of manually retrieving email marketing data and entering mind-boggling numbers into spreadsheets are long over.


In this section, you’ll learn how to track your email marketing campaigns on DashThis within minutes. 


To get started:


  • Connect your favorite email client (e.g., Active Campaign, HubSpot) 
  • Select your metrics on Preset Widgets 
  • Drag and drop the metrics as you desire


Here’s how it might look like when you integrate Campaign Monitor with DashThis:


DashThis automatically grabs data from your ESP(s) when you click the widgets 


We set all marketing email metrics on DashThis based on popularity. 


To decide which metrics to use, scan the list and make a judgment call based on your goals or strategy. Click the "i" icon to learn more about what the metric measures.


DashThis turns your metrics for email marketing and other marketing channels into one beautiful report automatically. Start your free 15-day trial today, with no credit card required. 


Now that you’ve learned how to track your campaigns on DashThis, let’s move on to the most important email marketing metrics you should measure today.


Top Email Marketing Metrics to Track

Return on Investment

Email boasts massive ROI. 


Not only do you own your email list, but you also get a clear view of your subscribers' online activities and where they sit in the marketing and sales funnels. It’s insights that other channels (e.g., social media) can’t provide!


To share your insights with clients on improving their ROI further, click Static Widget > Comments and enter your recommendations and upcoming action plan.


With insights strategically weaved into the narrative of your report, clients can quickly analyze their performance and your recommendations in a single glance. 


Conversion Rate

The conversion rate shows if you’re hitting the right points in your email messages. 


Whether your goal is attracting new leads for a new product, generating sales in a welcome email campaign, or winning back sales in an abandoned cart email sequence, the conversion rate is undoubtedly an important metric.


To improve conversion rates, you can try using an AI email assistant. It will help you craft personalized and engaging emails.


Once you’ve finalized your email analytics report, automate your email reports to stakeholders. Click Sharing Options > Share by Email and set your preferred frequency.



Alternatively, download it as a PDF or create a shareable URL link.


Open Rate

Shift away from obsessing over the size of your subscriber list to creating an email campaign worth sharing—your open rate will determine if your subject lines hit a chord in your email subscribers. 


Based on the graph below, we might consider an A/B test on the subject lines to optimize for higher open rates.



Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate (CTR) holds a lot of weight in nurturing and sales emails. 


Note the drop in the CTR in the current period below.




It signals that recent emails are not resonating with subscribers. 


No doubt, it’ll prompt email marketers to create personalized content marketing and segment their email list.


Unsubscribe Rate

Self-serving and irrelevant content are recipes for high unsubscribe rates.


Judging by the number of unsubscribed users below, we might deduce that they were frustrated with the mountains of emails, spammy content, irrelevant offers, or all of the above.



Spam Score

Sender reputation matters. 


The more spam complaints you receive, the more likely your following email will be blocked by ISPs. 


How do you avoid them? 


Aside from the obvious (e.g., avoiding large images and phrases to bypass spam filters), you should also use a permission-based and confirmed email opt-in list and be mindful of the number of emails you send to subscribers.


High spam scores raise alarm bells. Provide more context for clients and lay out the next action step. 


Hover over to the spam score widget and click Add Note > Save.



That way, clients can view your notes without ever leaving the platform and checking their inbox.


Bounce Rate

For every email marketer, the first task at hand isn’t enticing the recipient to open the email. 


It’s ensuring that the email will land in the recipient’s inbox. 


Alas, soft bounces and hard bounces are the banes of existence.


Considering the industry standard is 0.7%, the bounce rate below is a serious cause of worry. 



Note to selves: Clean email list.


Links Clicks

Tracking link clicks is the best way to understand what makes subscribers tick. 


Note the chart that shows the number of clicks below. 


It indicates the engagement and effectiveness of each link click (refresher: use Campaign URL Builder to create UTM codes and track them in Google Analytics).



Now that you’ve learned which email marketing metrics to focus on, drag and drop them to create a visual report. 


Grab this email analytics report with your own data!


Present it on the big screen to stakeholders and watch them grin their approval in return.


Track Your Email Marketing Metrics on DashThis Automatically Today!

These metrics determine the success of your clients’ campaigns and boost your overall email marketing efforts. 


However, as valuable as they are, it takes far too long to monitor them. And that’s only for one client!


In this case, use DashThis.   


Our automated reporting tool tracks all your email marketing metrics in one beautiful report. Whether you want to create an SEO + email marketing or a complete digital marketing report, you can create them instantly within minutes.


Start your free 15-day trial to save 20+ hours of work every month today. 


Updated on March 2022. The original article is written by Evaldas Mockus, an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Saas companies. Currently, he is associated with Omnisend, an e-commerce marketing automation platform built for growing e-commerce businesses. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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Evaldas Mockus

Evaldas Mockus is an Experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Saas companies. Currently, he is associated with Omnisend, an e-commerce marketing automation platform built for growing e-commerce businesses. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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