How to Automate & Schedule Google Analytics Reports

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Google Analytics helps you track your SEO and website analytics data. Still, it's a complicated tool with so many metrics and KPIs available that creating an easy-to-understand Google Analytics report can be difficult.  

Whether you use PowerPoint presentations, Google Sheets, or Excel reports to showcase your Google Analytics data, you must know there is a better way! You can automate and schedule your Google Analytics reports with a Google Analytics reporting tool (like DashThis).


What are Google Analytics Automated Reports?


Google Analytics Automated Reports is a feature within Google Analytics that allows users to schedule and automatically generate reports in real-time. Instead of manually pulling data and creating reports each time, users can set up automated reports to receive the latest data at predefined intervals.


The time-saving Google Analytics reporting solution


Let's be real; it's quite time-consuming to copy-paste data from all your digital marketing platforms, including Google Analytics, into a manual report. And if you have multiple Google Analytics accounts you need to create reports for, it can take hours of hard work every month.


This is why you need automated reports to help you save all that time and use them on your marketing strategies instead. 


How do automated reports work?


Unlike manual reports, automated reports enable you to create your report only once. Then it is automatically updated with new data every single day and can even be emailed automatically every day, week, month, or year to your clients or boss. To have that kind of report, you need an automated reporting tool.


An automated reporting tool will gather all your data and present it clearly in a marketing report. You can use it for your Google Analytics data and your Adwords, social media, e-commerce, search engine data, and any marketing effort you are currently working on. 


You choose the KPIs that matter most to your own strategies (from goal completions to landing page performance, pageviews, conversion rate, or bounce rate) and can easily modify the report configuration to be custom for your data visualization needs.  


You can add all your data sources from all your marketing tools into the same report or use multiple reports for each strategy. You can even add your own proprietary data with CSV files


Here's what your automated reports could look like:


google analytics report


Better than a plain Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets, right? 


Custom reports can be branded with white-label options for an even more impressive look. 



And the best part is that you don't have to create new reports every month; you create reports once and never even have to touch them again. They are automatically updated with all your KPIs data every single day.


The 3 steps to automate your reports


It takes only 3 short steps to start creating your Google Analytics automated reports. All you have to do is: 


1- Create your free DashThis account

2- Connect your data sources

3- Create your report! Then, click on the share button to send it to team members, stakeholders, and clients


You can even start with a preset report template to save even more time.


Here are a couple of examples of automated report templates:


Google Analytics Report Template

google analytics

Try this template with your own data


The Google Analytics Report in Dashthis is a pre-designed template that allows users to generate comprehensive reports based on their Google Analytics data. Gather your most important data from your audience reports and conversion reports in GA4 to get a better overview of your website data.


The template includes a variety of KPIs and metrics related to website traffic, audience engagement, conversions, and user behavior. It overviews important metrics such as total sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, average session duration, and goal completions.


SEO report template

seo report template

Try this template with your own data


This template helps users generate comprehensive reports for search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. It provides a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics related to website visibility, keyword rankings, organic traffic, backlinks, and more.


Web Analytics Report Template 

digital marketing report template

Try this template with your own data


The Web Analytics Report Template is a pre-designed template that enables users to generate concise reports for analyzing website performance. It overviews essential data points, including sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, average session duration, and conversion funnels.


Moreover, the template utilizes visually appealing charts, graphs, and widgets to facilitate data visualization and interpretation. Users can customize the report by selecting specific metrics and dimensions according to their needs.


So you don't have to use any Google Analytics add-ons, advanced options, or complicated solutions, all you need a powerful tool like DashThis to create automated reports for Google Analytics in seconds. 


Automatically email reports every month


If you want even more automation, you can have your reports automatically sent to your boss, colleagues, or clients every month! 


You don't need any add-ons; you can easily schedule reports automatically sent every day, week, month, or year depending on your needs. The reports will have automatically updated data, and you can add your own notes to explain the results. 



You can attach a PDF version of your report to these automated email reports, and make sure everyone will receive the data on time.


So what are you waiting for? Start automating your reports today!


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