Without Web Analytics, You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Web Analytics Illustration

As a Web agency, you like making a client happy with a nice and neat website, don’t you? But then what? You start over with another client. Over and over.


Web agencies often see their work as a linear project with a beginning and an end. Yet, the fun of the business is just starting at this point.


Online business is like any business. It’s living and it constantly evolves. So should any business website.


Web analytics is what binds your agency to the client’s future business.


You created a website according to the client’s needs and objectives. You proposed a vision of it and then implemented it. You are confident you deliver the best you can do, right? How can you be sure if you let your client go alone with his Google Analytics account to play in?


Let me ask this: Would you prefer to tell your client you made a mistake or you would prefer another company to tell him?


Eventually, this client will have question about his web investment. It’s better than you take the lead instead of putting this into the hands of your client. It could turn out that he is making some absurd assumptions about how talented is your agency.


You don’t have to be a Web analytics ninja to be a guide to your client. You only have to write down its objectives, the ones that are translated into the website, and figure out a way to measure them. Then, once every quarter you call your client to do a simple follow-up.


Web Agency: Hey Client, I have some news about your website


Client: What is it Web agency?


Web Agency: Statistics show a major improvement in lead generations. On the other hand, some features we thought would be good didn’t work at all. We have some ideas to improve the performance. Would you like to hear them?


Client: Sure! Let’s work on that right now.


And there you are with another project that will grow your business. It’s the same client but you magically managed to transform a single project into recurring profit. It’s easier to build more value in a long-term relationship that to start over after every project.


In conclusion, Web analytics is the infinite looping mechanism that will help you generates recurring business. You analyze, you implement, you measure (thanks to a clear monthly sales report) and you adapt. Their goes the great circle of business with a small touch of Web analytics.

Stéphane Stéphane Guérin

Stéphane has been working on business web projects for more than 15 years. After creating and selling numerous web marketing agencies and web apps, he founded DashThis in 2011. 

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