Unlocking the Power of Embedded Dashboards for Marketers

Embedded Dashboards

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, data has become the driving force behind successful campaigns and informed decision-making.


Marketers are constantly juggling a multitude of metrics, ranging from website traffic and social media engagement to conversion rates and customer behavior. But how can this overwhelming data be managed, understood, and shared with stakeholders or clients? This is where embedded dashboards step into the spotlight.


We'll explore what embedded dashboards are, why they are crucial for marketers, how to integrate them seamlessly with Dashthis, and provide practical insights into their implementation.



Understanding Embedded Dashboards

At its core, an embedded dashboard is a dynamic data visualization tool that combines complex datasets into accessible, actionable insights.


Unlike standalone dashboards, which might require manual updates and separate access points, embedded dashboards seamlessly integrate within external applications, websites, and portals. This means that marketing professionals can bring the power of data directly to their audience without requiring them to navigate away from their preferred platforms.


Embedded dashboards come to life through interactive charts, graphs, and widgets that allow users to explore and manipulate data in real-time. Imagine embedding a dashboard showcasing campaign performance metrics directly into your client's portal, giving them the ability to track the success of their investment without the hassle of multiple logins or manual report generation.


The Importance of Presenting Dashboards as a Marketer

Whether managing campaigns for clients or optimizing your in-house strategies, the ability to present data effectively is paramount. Here's why presenting dashboards holds a special place in the marketer's toolkit:


  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Marketing is no longer a realm of intuition and guesswork. Data-driven decisions are the pillars of success. Presenting dashboards empowers marketers with real-time insights, enabling them to adapt strategies promptly based on changing trends and performance metrics.


  1. Stakeholder Communication

Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful campaigns. Embedded dashboards provide a streamlined avenue for sharing insights with clients, teammates, and management. Transparent, data-backed discussions become the norm, fostering stakeholder trust and alignment.


  1. Visual Storytelling

Data in its raw form can be overwhelming. Dashboards transform numbers into compelling narratives through interactive visuals. As a marketer, you become a storyteller, guiding your audience through your marketing efforts, successes, and challenges.


  1. Instant Performance Tracking

In the digital age, marketing campaigns evolve rapidly. With embedded dashboards, you're not tethered to static reports that quickly become outdated. Instead, you can track campaign performance in real-time, making informed adjustments on the fly.


Advantages of Embedded Dashboards

Embracing embedded dashboards offers a multitude of advantages that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts:


  1. Real-Time Insights: Time is of the essence in marketing. Embedded dashboards provide instant access to the data, eliminating the lag associated with manual reporting and data synchronization.


  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Static reports can be dry and unengaging. On the other hand, embedded dashboards invite users to interact with data. Interactive charts, filters, and drill-down options encourage deeper exploration and understanding.


  1. Centralized Data Hub: Say goodbye to the scattered data sources. Embedded dashboards serve as a hub that aggregates key performance metrics from various platforms, providing a consolidated view of your marketing efforts.


How to Embed DashThis Dashboards

Embedding your report into an external web page or an internal tool can be very useful if your DashThis reports are part of a bigger reporting picture and you want to centralize all your insights in one place.


Although DashThis doesn't officially offer any embedding feature, you can easily create your own iframe code.




Simply copy and paste this code on your external page:

<iframe src="https://dashthis.com/app/view/dashboard-XXXXXXXXXXX"
width="600" height="400" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
<a target="_blank" href="https://dashthis.com/app/view/dashboard-XXXXXXXXXXX"
>See your dashboard in a new tab.</a>



  • Replace "https://dashthis.com/app/view/dashboard-XXXXXXXXXXX" with the link to the dashboard you would like to display.
  • You can also change some display parameters like the border, the width, or the height.


You can use this link as a referral to test your doings: https://www.w3schools.com/tryit/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_default.


Best Practices for Creating Effective Embedded Dashboards

Crafting an effective embedded dashboard requires a balance of design aesthetics, data visualization techniques, and user-centered principles. Here are some best practices to guide you:


  1. Keep it Simple: Clutter can quickly overwhelm your audience. Focus on presenting the most critical data points that align with your goals. A clean and uncluttered dashboard design ensures that insights are easily digestible, even for non-technical stakeholders.


  1. Visualizations with Purpose: Choose visualizations that best represent your data. Line charts for trends, pie charts for distribution, and bar charts for comparisons are just a few examples. Each visualization type serves a purpose, so select them thoughtfully to enhance data comprehension.


  1. Context is Key: Add comments to provide context to your data. While the visuals are essential, the accompanying narrative helps users understand the "why" behind the numbers.


By harnessing the advantages of embedded dashboards—such as real-time updates, customization, and interactivity—marketers can bridge the gap between raw data and actionable strategies.


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