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If you missed the news, it was announced in 2020 that Google analytics’ latest version, GA4, would become the default when setting up a new property and invites users to upgrade from earlier versions. And a few weeks ago, we published a blog post highlighting a part of our roadmap: GA4. Here’s what was said : 


“We are working hard on adding new metrics and dimensions in the next few weeks. In addition, we will do everything we can to completely replace what is available in the current version of Google Analytics Universal, so you feel comfortable using this newer version (GA4).“


A promise made, a promise kept! 


We are incredibly proud to announce that the metrics and dimensions we committed to delivering are now live and available in-app!


Let’s go over what’s new and how you can take advantage of GA4 and its features in DashThis. 


Available metrics and dimensions


According to your priorities and feedback, we’re rolling out new metrics and dimensions in different phases. 


The following metrics are available in GA4 :

  • Conversions
  • Event Count
  • Event Value
  • Views
  • Engaged Sessions
  • Sessions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Average engagement time per session
  • Total Users
  • Transactions
  • Ecommerce purchases
  • Item revenue
  • Purchase Revenue
  • Total revenue
  • Average purchase revenue
  • Bounce rate
  • Total purchasers
  • Active users
  • Purchaser conversion %
  • Add-to-carts
  • Checkouts
  • Events per session
  • Event count per user
  • Views per session
  • Average purchase revenue per user
  • Transactions per purchaser
  • Item list clicks
  • Item list views
  • Item promotion clicks
  • Item promotion views
  • Item views
  • Cart-to-view rate
  • Purchase-to-view rate
  • Item quantity
  • First-time purchaser conversion %
  • First-time purchasers per new user
  • First time purchasers
  • New users
  • User Engagement Duration


The following dimensions are available in GA4:

  • Default Channel Grouping
  • Event Name
  • City
  • Country
  • Page Path and Screen Class
  • Session Campaign
  • Session Medium
  • Session Source
  • First User Campaign
  • First User Medium
  • First User Source
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Is conversion event
  • Landing page
  • Page path + query string and screen class
  • Device category
  • First user source / medium
  • Session source / medium
  • Campaign
  • Session default channel grouping
  • Medium
  • Source
  • Source / medium
  • Region
  • Page location
  • Page path + query string
  • First user default channel grouping
  • Full page URL
  • Page path without query string
  • Source platform
  • Content group
  • Content type
  • Hostname
  • Page referrer
  • Page title
  • Page title and screen class
  • Page title and screen name
  • Language
  • First user source platform
  • Session source platform
  • Item brand
  • Item category
  • Item category 2
  • Item category 3
  • Item category 4
  • Item category 5
  • Item list name
  • Item name
  • Item promotion name
  • Order coupon
  • Search term
  • Stream name
  • Stream ID


Custom metrics 


Great news for users who want complete flexibility with GA4: custom metrics are now supported in DashThis. GA4's Custom metrics are the ones you create yourselves depending on what you want to track, and they are used to collect and analyze data that GA doesn’t automatically track. To learn more about GA4's custom metrics, check out google's article on the subject right here.


What’s next?


We plan to add more metrics, dimensions (e.g. custom dimensions), and filters in the next few weeks and also we plan on rolling out an exciting feature: preset widgets and templates. We’ll make sure to update you along the way!


As always, your feedback is welcomed!


We know this integration is critical to many of our users, and we want to hear your feedback! If you have any comments or requests for metrics/dimensions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team


Happy reporting!


The team at Dashthis

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