Show your manager a clear Google Analytics dashboard

Clear Google Analytics Dashboard

It’s hard to manage what you can’t control. And to control, you need a clear and simple way to look at your organization’s performance.


Google Analytics is really useful to analysts, but can be sometimes complex for non-techie users. Far from getting off on granular data, these types of online marketers need a clear, concise and straight-to-the-point dashboard.


Marketing managers and executives make a lot of decisions. Some may be based on intuition, but all should be based on cold hard facts. Help your manager make more informed decisions by giving him or her a dashboard that presents online marketing performance in a snap.

Start now, with DashThis.

First, sign up to DashThis. Then, create your first dashboard by choosing a template, such as "Ecommerce" or "Google Analytics". You can also customize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your organization’s specific needs.


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