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Hubspot in Dashthis

We are pleased to announce that Hubspot is now available for all Dashthis users starting today! Hubspot is one of the most used marketing software, as it offers a wide range of services, from email to inbound marketing CRM and sales. It’s relevant for small and large businesses, as it includes many different features, like CRM, workflows, email marketing, etc. 


Available metrics and dimensions

According to your priorities and feedback, we’ll be rolling our new metrics and dimensions in different phases, but in the meantime, here’s what you can expect to be available in-app. 



Hubspot is often used for its email platform. Full disclosure, we use this platform, so if you’ve ever received an email from Dashthis, chances are Hubspot has seen it first! Here are some of the metrics available to report for the email feature of Hubspot. 


  • Clicked Email
  • Delivered
  • Open rate
  • Opens
  • Sent
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe
  • And more!


Contacts - Companies

With these inbound marketing metrics, you can report on your contacts, leads, and deals won. This will give you a better overview of your sales. Here are some of the available metrics. 


  • New companies / New contacts
  • Subscriber 
  • Leads 
  • MQL 
  • SQL 
  • Opportunity 
  • Customer
  • And more!



Here are some of the available dimensions. 

  • Campaign
  • Sources
  • And more!


Report Template & Preset Widgets


Do you want to keep track of your customers and email management in one complete template? This report allows you to compile all the key metrics and Hubspot data you need to measure success. Our free template allows marketers, business owners, or stakeholders to track performance over time, packed with all essential Hubspot metrics.


Try this template with your data!


While creating your template, save time with our preset widgets. Drag, drop & done!


  • Email Marketing Performance: Instantly read your email campaign performance with ad data like sent, opened, and clicked emails.
  • Performance by campaign: Get a bird’s eye view of your contacts with data like MQL, SQL, leads, and customers.
  • Contacts by lifecycle stage: This widget shows the number of contacts broken down by their lifecycle stage.
  • Contact lists: This widget shows your biggest contact lists with their total number of members.


What’s next?


If you have any comments or requests for metrics/dimensions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team


Happy reporting!


The team at Dashthis


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