#Instagram Insights: New & Improved

New Instagram Insights integration

Instagram is taking an increasingly important role in digital marketing every single day. You are probably using this platform yourself as part of your social media strategies and you need to track your results efficiently.


That’s why we just updated our Instagram Insights integration to a newer & better version!


Your freshly updated Instagram integration is now faster and gives you a choice between many more metrics and dimensions!



Switch to a better, faster Instagram Insights!

Since Facebook now owns Instagram, they created a new centralized API for both platforms, which is very similar to Facebook Insights’. To stay on top of our game and give you all the freshest updates, we switched to this centralized API and created a brand new Instagram Insights Integration!


If you want to access this new & updated Instagram Insights integration in your DashThis account, simply connect the new Instagram Insights. Your old sources will automatically be replaced by the new ones in each of your widgets and dashboards, so you won’t even feel a thing!



Make sure you fit the new requirements

The Instagram Insights API provided by Facebook does not allow us to fetch information from personal accounts or accounts that aren’t linked to a facebook page anymore.


So to make sure it all rolls out smoothly, verify that your Instagram accounts (or your clients’) are both:


1- An Instagram business account


2- Linked to a Facebook page.


Your account does not fit these requirements?


Don’t you worry my friend, here are the steps to switch to a business account, and here’s where you need to go to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page:


Get all the metrics and dimensions!

We’re more than happy to release some new metrics and dimensions so you can have more choice and precision when tracking your Instagram data. The best part? You can start using them right this second with the new Instagram Insights integration!


Your new metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Profile Views
  • Website Clicks
  • Engagement Rate


And your brand new dimensions:

  • Post with Image
  • Hashtag
  • City
  • Country
  • Age/Gender


See your post image directly in your KPI widget!


It’s #awesome to have these new #metrics and this very #popular dimension, isn't it? And it’s only the beginning; we’re constantly updating and adding as many KPIs as you need in our integrations.


Better performance, faster integration

Because time is money, we’re always speeding things up and offering you faster integrations; this one is no exception. Our updated Instagram Insights will give you better performance and speed, so you won’t waste a single minute of your day!


You must be thinking that combined with our faster Google Ads, LinkedIn Pages, and Google Search Console, it’s just getting TOO fast!


But nothing’s gonna stop this train, so buckle up, newer & faster integrations are always around the corner!


Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about our new Instagram Insights integration? Let us know! Or read our Help Center article on the topic.

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