Faster & Improved Google Search Console

Google Search Console update

You surely remember when we announced our awesom-er Google AdWords (Google Ads), with its new incredible speed.

Well, we simply can’t stop the speed! We worked around the clock to give you a faster and improved Google Search Console integration.

Lightning fast Google Search Console

We’re rolling out our new updated Google Search Console to fit the same standards of excellence as our AdWords integration. What does that mean? That we completely revisited its data fetching process to give you the fastest Google Search Console integration you have ever seen! Your Google Search Console widgets will now be loading up to 7x faster!

And you know what? We’re not done making your reporting process even faster; the next faster integration is just around the corner!


New KPI, metric, & dimension definitions

As always, our goal is to make your life as simple, straightforward, and unconfusing as possible. This is why we’ve added definitions to your KPIs directly in DashThis; so you always know exactly what your chosen widget is going to include. When choosing your KPI, Just hover over the little ( i ) next to the name to see its definition.


Your most up-to-date data

Google Search Console’s data latency means that there are a few days between the time when data is calculated and the time when this updated data becomes available in the API. In order to address this issue, we refresh your widgets up to 4 days after your completed period. This way, you always have access to the latest updated data, despite Google’s latency.


We’re rolling out this update progressively, so you’ll notice these changes in your account over the next few days.

Now, go create reports faster than The Flash and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, we love hearing from you!

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