New Filter on AdWords Click Type

adwords-click-type-filter We added a new filter in our Adwords integration to let you filter by Click Type. Possible values are as follow:

  • Unknown
  • Get location details
  • Mobile phone calls
  • Manually dialed phone calls
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Print offer
  • Driving direction
  • Offer
  • Sitelink
  • Product plusbox offer
  • Other
  • Phone calls
  • Headline (URL clicks)

This now allows you to segment on the type of action the visitor has done to reach you. Pretty useful these days to track phone calls. Note that the Impressions field will reflect how often the ad was served with that click type available. Since ads can serve with multiple click types displayed, impressions may be double counted and the totals may not be accurate.

Stéphane has been working on business Web projects for more than 15 years. He has a computer science degree and a MBA specialized in e-commerce from Laval University in Quebec City. That also explains why his writing can sound weird: He is a French Canadian!

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