Product Update: September 2017

Product update

Ahh, September! It’s back-to-school season for some of you, and back to the regular grind without the sunny summer days.


Don’t worry though, we’re here to make sure that the chaos of this month isn’t too much of a pain. At least, your reporting won’t be!


In the past two months, we’ve updated a ton of great things in our system and on our site, namely:

  • A Google Analytics integration upgrade;
  • An increase in maximum number of widgets per dashboard;
  • An inclusion into the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program;
  • A new SEO Reporting Best Practices resource hub;
  • And a new Getting Started guide.


Google Analytics Integration Upgrade

You probably saw our biggest news recently: we’re progressively rolling out some pretty sweet Google Analytics upgrades! This upgrade was made in order to improve the way DashThis communicates with the Google Analytics system, as well as unify the language used in DashThis with the language used in Google Analytics.


Not only did we add new metrics, dimensions and filters, but we also modified the names of all of them in order to match the names in Google Analytics. No more guessing which corresponds to which! And, just to make things even easier, we added descriptions to each and every metric and dimension: that way, you’ll always know EXACTLY what you’re getting (as you can see below)!

new google analytics kpis

Take a look at our feature release to see what these changes mean for you!



More Widgets Per Dashboard

You know how our dashboards used to have a maximum capacity of 30 widgets? We did this because we know that dashboards with too many widgets can become unwieldy and confusing for your audience.


We’ll continue to encourage you to streamline your dashboards and pick and choose just the necessary KPIs… After all, too many is just as bad as not enough, right? However, since you’ve sometimes asked for just a few more widgets, we’ve decided to increase this cap a bit.


After all, we’re here to make your life easier – right?


That’s why our new dashboard maximum is 50 widgets!



LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

A few months back, we were excited to announce that we added the LinkedIn Ads integration into our system. We’re very fortunate to have access to the LinkedIn Ads API, especially because we know how important it is for you, our users, to be able to seamlessly link up your LinkedIn Ads data to your DashThis dashboards!


At the same time, we were invited to join LinkedIn’s new Marketing Partner Program as a Marketing Analytics partner!


Take a look at our announcement here!



New SEO Reporting Best Practices Hub

Effective SEO is one of the biggest jobs of most digital marketers – which probably includes you. And you know that SEO reporting is a great way for you to show your value and progress to your clients. Since DashThis is great for SEO reporting, we decided to give you a hand by gathering all our expertise and know-how on the ins and outs of SEO reporting in the same place!


We put together a new SEO Reporting Best Practices resource hub for you, right here on our website!



New Getting Started Guide

You already know how simple creating a report is with our system… and our Help Center is pretty well-stocked if you do run into a question or two. However, in order to bring everything together more succinctly, we created a guide that shows the six basic steps needed to create your first dashboard.


Just signed-up to DashThis and wondering where to start? Or want to get your colleagues on board so you can all work together on your dashboards? Our Getting Started Guide is just for you!



A few other quick fixes:

  • There was sometimes a little glitch with rolling list widgets; the last value was occasionally overlapped by the next widget. But no more!
  • We added a new metric for you; you’ll now be able to see your Daily Budget for your AdWords campaigns in your dashboards.
  • Remember when you created a new custom widget, and you clicked on “save”, sometimes it took a few seconds before anything happened? Maybe you wondered whether or not the “save” actually happened? Don’t worry, now you won’t have to wonder – you’ll know with our nifty little progression wheel!
  • Our multi-column list widgets in YouTube used to be a little wonky whenever there was more than 1 metric involved. Yeah, that’s over now!
  • We fixed a lot of other little bugs that you probably never knew about… so we won’t bother you with them now either!
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