SEMrush analytics in DashThis: SEO marketing at its finest

SEMRush analytics in DashThis

SEMrush: you know it, and if you’re big on SEO and SEM, you probably already love it. SEMrush is one of the most powerful and extensive marketing tools on the market, with all the features you need for your SEO and SEM strategies.


Our entire team is thrilled to announce that SEMrush is now officially a DashThis integration. A comprehensive report that includes your SEMrush data alongside the rest of your marketing data is just a few clicks away!


If you want to give it a try – because you know how important it is to bring your SEO data together in one single place – sign into your account and check it out right away!


What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an extensive marketing tool that covers a lot of bases from SEO, to paid traffic, to social media, and more.


The tool is particularly valuable when it comes to tracking your keyword rankings and SERP positions, and in enabling you to identify opportunities in order to best outrank your competitors.


Pretty sweet, right?!



Why is keyword tracking important?

You already know how imperative keyword research is for your content marketing, SEO, and SEM campaigns; when you’re building out your content, you want to be sure that you’re targeting the right keywords for the right content and the right buyer intent.


But what happens after you’ve done this keyword research, and implemented your keyword targeting in your overall strategies?


What you need is to track those keywords – along with the rest of your SEO and SEM data – in order to determine whether your efforts have been worth it, and what you can do to constantly improve at all times.


This is where SEMrush’s amazing tool comes in: search through not only your own keyword rankings, but your competitors’ too. Determine where your opportunities are, what ad campaigns need to be optimized and for which keywords, and where your SEO strategy is lacking and how you can improve.



Raise the bar with a SEMrush analytics dashboard

Your own site’s past and present analytics are your greatest assets in terms of improving your future performance.


In addition, your competitors are your greatest allies in terms of utilizing their trials and errors and improving upon them in your own strategies.


What’s important to remember is how crucial it is that you analyze your entire web presence as a whole. Each individual KPI, from single-page conversion rate, to single-ad CTR, to ranking by keyword, means very little if you don’t understand how each element of your site – and your competitors’ – play onto each other.


For example, maybe you’ve been able to increase your ranking for a particular keyword, which is great, but if you can also see in that same glance that this keyword isn’t converting nearly as much as another, well… you’ll realize that you’ve been putting your efforts in the wrong place in this case.


That’s why it’s important to create an all-inclusive SEMrush analytics dashboard that not only includes your SEMrush data, but also Google Analytics organic traffic data, AdWords ROI, maybe even social media traffic data.


Although you want to make sure you aren’t creating an overwhelmingly full dashboard, you still need to be pulling data from several sources in order to see how each aspect of your web presence plays off the others.


That’s why we’re incredibly happy that SEMrush is now a part of the DashThis family, and that we can utilize this great tool in order to help our users get a clearer picture of their analytics. A more extensive keyword research analysis integration has been requested numerous times by our users, and we’re thrilled that we can finally provide it!



What kind of SEMrush analytics data can you include?

Wondering what kind of goodies we’ve got in this new SEMrush dashboard integration?


These are the new preset widgets we’ve created for you:

semrush analytics kpis


We also incorporated these metrics, dimensions, and filters so that you have what you need to create the custom widgets you want:



  • AdWords CPC
  • AdWords Visibility
  • Number of AdWords Keywords
  • Number of Organic Keywords
  • Organic Position
  • Organic Visibility
  • Organic Volume
  • Position Change



  • Domain (incl. competitors’)
  • Keyword
  • Landing Pages



  • Keywords
  • Landing Pages
  • Tag
  • Top Positions
  • Volume


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