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22:45. Matthew is copy/pasting data. He has been copy/pasting data for the past 3 days.




It’s a text message from his girlfriend. She’s asking when he’ll get home from his 13 hour-long workday. No, wait…it’s a 14 hour-long workday at this point.


“I need to finish this report tonight. My client needs it for tomorrow morning.”


He then goes back to copy/pasting data from an Excel file to another Excel file. He has dozens of them opened.


Matthew isn’t his real name, but his story is real; we’re just going to call him Matt for the sake of this article, all right?


So yeah, Matt is the head of search marketing in a digital marketing company. The business is successful but quite small: there are just 5 people managing everything. This means everyone has a never-ending to-do list. You know, the kind of to-do list that, when you check one task, two new ones have appeared and 19 new emails have popped in your inbox?


At the beginning of each month, Matt has to put together reporting dashboards for all of his clients so that they can see the great results coming from his marketing strategies and campaigns. He spends countless hours building these reports; they’re essential, but they take up so much of his time! And while he’s creating the reports, he’s not spending time optimizing his marketing strategies to get even better results.


Matt looked at the clock on his desk. 23:15. He sighed and looked back at the endless columns of numbers. He’s almost out of time, but not of data. “There has to be another way, a better way, to do this”, he thought to himself.


Yes, Matthew. There is a better way to do your reporting dashboards.


Let me introduce you to DashThis.



What if I told you that you could just connect the digital tools you use, select the metrics you want to show, and just share your dashboard with your client? Sounds nice, eh?


And what if I also told you that you just have to do this once, because your dashboard will update itself next time, and the email will also be sent automatically? You’re not dreaming, Matthew, this is what DashThis offers you: a great and simple agency reporting tool.


Let’s see it in more details, shall we?



One agency reporting tool to rule them all


One of the biggest pains when creating reporting dashboards is bringing all the data from every platform together. Doing it by hand is sooo 2011!


The business for which Matt works is specialized in SEO, PPC, and social media. Every month, Matt has to collect data from 10 different integrations: Google Analytics, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram… name it, he needs them all! With a DashThis account, he can just enter his credentials, and that’s it. For real, that’s it. Our system collects the data from the connected integrations in order to centralize it all in one place. For Matt, it means that he passes from 10 different Excel files to…well, none. So if we multiply this number by his number of clients (which is around 25): Matt is saving himself the pain of 250 Excel files per month.


And since DashThis is always connected to his various accounts, the system updates itself automatically. Once the dashboards are built, he doesn’t have to come back next month to do it all over again. It’s gonna stay there, and the data will automatically update itself with the month’s data.


Tangible numbers speak for themselves: 250 Excel files per month x 12 months = 3000 Excel files per year. True story.


With all these files out of his way, Matt has a lot more time to work on his clients’ campaigns and optimize them through the roof.


No more Excel files. No more copy/pasting hundreds of lines. No more nights working until 23:15, high on caffeine. You can tell your girlfriend you’re on your way back home, Matt.


The end of Groundhog Day


We don’t stop there, of course not. We know that Matt often has to measure the same KPIs for most of his clients: his dashboards always have a similar structure as well as identical metrics and dimensions.


Instead of building 25 times the same dashboard from scratch, Matt could create the dashboard of his dreams (or of his clients’ dreams) and just clone it. In the cloning process, he’ll choose the right account for each client, click on “Clone it”, and a new dashboard will appear in his dashboard manager all nice and done, ready to be sent. Boom! 24 dashboards created in only a couple of minutes. That’s the Dash-magic in action.


We know you, like Matt, have a super-duper long to-do list, and we know you have a lot of projects to work on. We know.


This is why our agency web reporting tool is gonna get rid of both the countless spreadsheets and the mechanical repetitions to build similar reports. Let DashThis save you time. It’s 2017, you don’t have to deal with this anymore. Take advantage of our tool to be ahead of your competitors. Focus on what really matters to you and your clients: the results.


So, what do you think, Matt? Pretty neat, eh?



The best way to realize how much time you’re spending on reporting is to stop doing it: you’ll realize pretty quickly how many other things you can achieve when you don’t have to think about it. See for yourself: sign up for a free trial. It’s time for a change.


Do you remember how it feels to leave the office at 15:30 with your entire to-do list completed? You’ll love it, I’m sure! Enjoy your time!


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