White Label Options Now Available In-App!

Our white label options are now available in-app to all our customers with 10 dashboards or more! 


Yes, you heard right! If you have a 10 dashboards plan or more, you can now access our white label options for free and make DashThis truly yours! 


This means your clients will think YOU are the mastermind behind these amazing dashboards you share with them every month! 


Here’s what’s included with our in-app white label options:


1. Your own custom domain


Usually, when you share your dashboard’s URL with your clients or boss, the link looks a bit like this: reports.dashthis.com, but you can now easily add your own custom domain instead, changing it to reports.yourcompany.com!


2. No more “Powered by DashThis” logo


Once you add your custom domain, this process will automatically get rid of our "powered by" logo at the bottom of all your dashboards



3. Adding a custom email address


Last but not least, our white label options include your custom email address


Usually, if you set up an automated email dispatch the default sender email address is [email protected].


Of course, you can now customize this too! Simply enter your email address in the appropriate field of the white label options, right below the custom domain.

How can I access these white label options? 


It’s super easy! No need to contact your account manager anymore, this feature is now available directly in your account as long as you’ve got a plan with at least 10 dashboards.


If you don’t have 10+ dashboards in your plan, you can simply upgrade to the next plan to take advantage of this new feature! 


And if you already had a white label with us before this release, you've got nothing to worry about, everything has been set up in-app for you

Bonus: add a touch of colour! 


It’s not one of our white label options, but to make your reports even more impressive and closer to your own (or your client’s) branding, don't forget that you can also use our colour themes


There are 8 preset colour themes available right now with every single DashThis plan (even our trials!) so don't hesitate to try them out.

With all these new options, you can really craft a perfect white label dashboard that your clients will be more than impressed with! 


It’s already available in-app, so go check it out right now, and if you have less than 10 dashboards or are still just trying DashThis out, it’s the perfect time to subscribe to our Professional plan


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know.

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