Why Would your Clients Bypass you with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Client bypass

One think I hear frequently is why the clients would use the web agency’s services for their analytics instead of doing all this alone? After all, they can set up their Google Analytics account alone, right? Why would they pay you?


Well, it’s a really good question. Indeed, anyone can do Web analytics. As well as they can program their website, design their logo, do their SEO, manager their Adwords campaigns or even host their website.


But they don’t. At least, the vast majority of them.




Because this is not their core business and they understand they can spend their time where it’s more profitable. They spend their time on what they’re good at.


Would you frankly design your own logo? Buy servers and hire employees to host your website? Or write your own contracts without having them reviewed by a lawyer? Cut your own hairs?


No, because you got this feeling that to save few bucks it will cost you more down the road.


The same logic applies with web analytics. The tool itself, whether it’s Google Analytics or anything else, remains a tool. The bigger part of the value resides in your knowledge and experience in using it. That’s why they are willing to pay.


They don’t have time to learn a new tool and become as good as you are. They’d rather pay someone else to do that knowing it will be done properly the first time by a specialist. Like you could fix your broken shower yourself, but you prefer to pay a plumber to fix it instead.


So don’t worry about the client who might want to do analytics himself because he won’t actually. And if he does, that’s because he doesn’t understand the value and complexity of it.


Anyway, do you really want a client who thinks he’s better than you?


Have fun designing your logo, learning JQuery and PHP, hosting your website and fixing your shower my friend!

Stéphane Stéphane Guérin

Stéphane has been working on business web projects for more than 15 years. After creating and selling numerous web marketing agencies and web apps, he founded DashThis in 2011. 

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