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You’ve probably already entered a query and had your answer into a snippet box on top of the serp results. Here’s what a featured snippet is and why it’s important to track it.


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What are featured snippets?

Featured snippets are highlighted excerpts of a web page that appear at the top of the first page in a Google search results page. They usually are a quick answer to an informational search query (such as: what is, how to). There are different types of featured snippets; Answer boxes, Rich snippet, related questions, YouTube videos, step-by-step answers, etc.

featured snippets

How to track google’s featured snippets?

First off, you can type some keywords from your keyword research directly in google to see if they trigger a snippet. You can then use Google Search Console's Search Analytics feature to track keywords that trigger a featured snippet. Simply filter data by query and search for queries containing the keyword you know triggers snippets. You can then analyze the organic search results with metrics like impressions, click through rate and more.

What is a good featured snippet?

Since a featured snippet is by definition is short definition or excerpt from your website, a good snippet should be short and answer the query or related questions in a sentence or two. It can also be a bullet point list depending on the query. To get the most possible featured snippet opportunities keep you answers shorts and to the point with high quality information.

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What is a bad featured snippet?

If your piece of content is very lengthy and does not contain headers optimized to answer the specific questions, you probably won’t be featured as a snippet.

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Featured snippets KPI examples & templates

Your featured snippets metrics can be added to a few different reports, from SEO to ecommerce and digital marketing reports.

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SEO report template SEO report template

Track all of your SEO metrics in this complete SEO strategy report template that is 100% customizable. Measure your digital marketing strategy with metrics like organic traffic, SERP, click-through rate (CTR), search query, search volume, and more.

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Digital marketing report template

From SEO to social media and PPC, this report gives you a good view of all your online marketing strategy metrics and overall online performance. Track your ecommerce, inbound traffic, and search engine rankings, all in the same place.

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Executive report template

This template is filled with business metrics your C-suite will want to see. Show them your revenue, new customers, churn rate, and more. You can also add your profit margin, sales expenses, and more. 

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Featured snippets best practices

Here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind to get more featured snippets.

Featured snippets best practices

step 1 icon Use long-tail keywords

Most featured snippets are used for long-tail keywords, usually questions, so make sure you look for these types of keywords during your keyword research to secure a snippet spot. A good place to find them in when you search your keyword, take a look in the “people also ask” section at the bottom of the page.

step 2 icon Add a FAQ section

FAQ’s format are perfect for featured snippets. They are short answers to different questions presented ad subheaders, which should help you get featured as snippets. You can add these questions at the end of a blog, landing page, or any other content marketing pieces.

step 3 icon Use SEO tools

The vast majority of search engine optimization tools like SEMrush, google search console, will provide you with very useful data, schema, SERP features, and functionalities you can use to improve user experience, look for new user’s query, and get to the top of google’s search page. Take advantage of their algorithm!

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