Google Ads Impressions

Google Ads Impressions

Do you ever wonder how often your paid ads are shown online? If so, this metric will be your go-to number. The number of impressions refers to the number of times your ad is displayed on a web page or Google search and can provide clues into other subsequent performance values like conversions, ad rank, and click-through rate. This post will cover everything beginners need to know about Google Ads impressions and how to improve your digital marketing strategy.


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What are Google Ads impressions?

Every time your ad appears online, it is counted as a single impression. Suppose you analyze your metrics in your Google Ads campaign and find that your impressions are low or performing poorly. In that case, you will need to use the other google analytics to determine strategies to increase your ad success.

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How to calculate Google Ads impressions?

When it comes to an understanding or calculating your Google Ads impressions, there is no formula needed, as the value for this data point will be shown in your Google Ads account. From there, you can dive deeper into the story behind your ad performance.

What are good Google Ads impressions?

When it comes to measuring the success of your google ads campaign, tracking impressions only tells part of the story. While impressions can give you an indication of the frequency of your ad’s presence, it truly doesn’t tell you anything about customer engagement, number of clicks, PPC, CPC, ctr, or any other valuable insights that can show you if the content of your ad is attracting viewers. The key to your impressions is to ensure the rate is high enough to guarantee that you will get adequate clicks and engagement from there. So, if you are noticing other engagement values are too low, go back to your impressions because it could indicate an SEO keywords problem, a low daily budget, or a need for better optimization of your overall Google AdWords strategy.

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What are bad Google Ads impressions?

If you are seeing zero impressions or only a handful of impressions on your data analytics page, you may indicate that your ad is not performing well. In this case, you will need to investigate other parts of your metrics to determine the optimization you need.

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Google Ads impressions best practices

If you struggle to acquire big impressions, and your eCommerce site, for example, is not being featured in search queries, consider the following steps to improve your search ads. 

Ad Impressions best practices

step 1 icon Assess the search impression share metrics

This metric represents the number of impressions you received, divided by the number of impressions you were eligible to receive. That means this metric can indicate your ad’s potential and how you are performing relative to that point. You can also check metrics like search exact match impression share to gain additional granular info about how well your keywords perform versus the queries typed into the search network.

step 2 icon Adjust your bidding strategy

By reflecting on the metrics above and search lost impression share, you can see if your bidding strategy is to blame. These figures will show how often your ads lost out on impressions because of a low bidding strategy and failed to reach the target audience on the results page.

step 3 icon Improve your keyword match

Search terms are at the heart of a high-quality score and a substantial search volume where your ad can appear on the user page. For the best user experience, Google knows to show ads with relevant keywords and negative keywords with optimal placements in the ad copy and ad groups. So review your keyword strategy to get better viewership on the display network.

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