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You’re investing time and resources on creating and optimizing the best possible landing pages, from CTAs, testimonials, a/b testing and landing page design, but how do you know if all these efforts paid off? You need to track your top landing pages.


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What are top landing pages?

Your top landing pages is a list metric of all the web pages that have the best results (the most traffic, number of conversions, or conversation rate.) A great landing page will bring traffic but first and foremost, they’ll be high-converting landing pages.

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How to calculate your top landing pages

You can find your top landing pages on Google Analytics. In the left navigation bar, go to Behavior, then Site Content, and Landing Pages. You’ll get a landing pages report that is sorted by sessions. You can also track your top landing pages very easily with a reporting tool that tracks all your website data.

What are good landing pages?

A high-quality landing page brings you new potential customers, has a great conversion rate, and highlights your value proposition to your target audience. Of course, it all depends on your landing page goals as well, if you created your landing page for webinar registrations, a signup form, or for lead generation, the conversions will differ. Other signs of a good landing page: Eye catching landing page design, copy that build trust, good user experience, sense of urgency, and a simple form that’s easy to fill out.

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What are bad landing pages?

Again, it all depends on your goals, but as a general rule, you want to have CTA buttons at the top of the page, so CTAs at the bottom of the page are not a good practice. Here are other signs of a bad landing page; large white spaces, no headings or subheadings, too many popups, too many form fields, no CTAs or phone numbers, low conversion rate, low traffic, low CTA click-through rate.

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Landing pages KPI examples & templates

Here are some templates you can use to track your landing page KPIs:

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Google Analytics template Google Analytics report template

An awesome report with important metrics for your SEO strategy and web page performance. Track your marketing efforts with KPIs like organic searches, traffic, conversion rate, and more.

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Digital marketing report template Digital marketing report template

From SEO to social media, ecommerce and email marketing and PPC, this report gives you a good view of all your online marketing strategy metrics and overall online performance.

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SEO report template SEO report template

Gather all your favorite SEO tools, from Google Analytics to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and way more into a single, awesome SEO report! With this report template, you can track all your SEOperformance and keyword rankings in seconds.

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Top landing page best practices

Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, these tips should help you get better landing pages.

Top landing pages best practices

step 1 icon Get inspiration

There are tons of the great landing page examples and landing page templates you get use to get started. There’s no shame in getting inspiration from major players in the industry and SaaS companies such as Airbnb, hubspot, shopify, social proof, Uber, Unbounce, squarespace, or Wordpress for your own landing pages. It can give you an idea of how it works, how to optimize yours, and more. Landing page builders are also a good option to give you ideas. The best landing page examples will most likely feature some similarities that can give you a good idea of the landing page best practices to swear by.

step 2 icon Do A/B testing

From home pages to Pricing or FAQ page, the only way to really know if your pages work better with your optimizations are A/B tests. Make sure you track your lead capture, click-through rate, and more. No Martin if your changes are just a color scheme, or new pain points, be sure to track your KPIs so you know the impact of the change and can adjust your landing pages in consequence.

step 3 icon Use automation to track your KPIs

Use an automated tool, CRM, or plugin to track your landing page data and ensure your landing pages are performing as they should. Track your Google Ads data, SEO, email list, content marketing and web page data alongside your landing page performance to really see where your leads are going and why. An automated reporting tool really helps you get all the data at the same place.

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