Video View Rate

Video View Rate

One of the most infamous KPI metrics in the marketing world is click-through rate (ctr) which measures how many people in your audience engaged with the link you posted. But how does this benchmark come into the picture in a world of ever-growing video content? Video view rate is the ctr of the video world, and in this article, we will explore everything you need to know. 


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What is video view rate?

Video view rate is one of the essential video metrics representing a ratio of paid views to overall impressions. This can mean a Facebook video or social media video, video ad, or YouTube video, depending on your video marketing campaign type and formats. Ultimately, it counts the number of times viewers watched your ad after seeing it on YouTube, the Google platform, or another ad source. This information can help you understand your performance in the algorithms and how your content and video posts engage with the target audience. It can also be known as a view-through rate, tracking how often views are engaged relative to how many chances viewers have to watch the content. 

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How to calculate video view rate?

Video view rate measures the number of views as a ratio of views to impressions using the formula below. Again, this can be tracked through your campaign manager or search engine metrics. 

Video view rate formula


Video view rate = (Video view count) / (Video impressions) * 100

What is a good video view rate?

As a rule of thumb, 15% represents a reasonable video view rate. This video content ‘conversion rate’ can indicate that your content connects with your audience demographics, with sufficient watch time, audience retention, engaging thumbnails, visual marketing strategies, and types of video editing. 

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What is a bad video view rate?

Anything below 15% may indicate that your video completion rate, subscribers, or viewers are not interested in your content. Therefore, you should adjust your content strategy moving forward with your second or subsequent new videos. 

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Video view rate best practices

If you are not seeing your metrics performing how you’d like, consider using the following guidelines.

Cost per view best practices

step 1 icon Shorten your video

A successful video ad will have a short length to encourage playback, completion, and more. Conversely, if your content is too long, you will lose optimal view time and potential engagement. 

step 2 icon Focus on targeting

Track your metrics to ensure you cater to the right demographics and audience groups. You can create the best video ad in the world, but if your audience isn’t familiar with that influencer or suited to your content type, it won’t perform well.

step 3 icon Improve your bidding strategy

If your ads aren’t getting enough reach, you might not be funding them adequately. There is not a single template to follow here, but consider increasing your bidding strategy to have a higher chance of reaching the audience you are looking for.

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