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I know what it is: Your boss or your client wants to get a convenient tool to track their online performance. Or to speak their language, the Return on Investment (ROI). You managed to provide them their Internet marketing dashboard using some hefty Excel spreadsheet, but are tired of this?

We have the solution for you! What about a fully automated Internet marketing dashboard?

I’m not going to write about DashThis features in this blog post. You can already try it yourself for free and discover all the benefits in few minutes.

Instead, I’ll write about what is an awesome Internet marketing dashboard for your client / boss.

Here’s some hints:

Visually attractive. It has to be sharp and crisp. No wonder why Apple sold so many iPhone or other iGadgets.

Convenient. A great Internet marketing dashboard has to be a perfect fit for the laziest client on earth. Period. Automated email dispatch or a screen size that fits his smartphone are two easy way to push the data to your client.

Meaningful Key Performance Indicators. That’s your job and I’m sure you can do it well. Just make sure any KPI in the dashboard respect the “Three layers of so what” test.

Valuable Insights. Don’t hesitate to annotate the dashboard with your observations and comments. That shows your client or boss you are proactive and dedicated, not just throwing numbers around. For a client, it’s good for upselling. For a boss, it’s good to get a raise!

Bottom line, creating an awesome Internet marketing dashboard starts with the analyst himself. Then there are great tools to help you implement your vision of any Internet marketing dashboard. DashThis is one of them. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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Stéphane has been working on business Web projects for more than 15 years. He has a computer science degree and a MBA specialized in e-commerce from Laval University in Quebec City. That also explains why his writing can sound weird: He is a French Canadian!

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