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strategic dashboard examples

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In this article, you’ll learn what a strategic dashboard is and what it’s not. We’ll also look at six beautiful strategic dashboard examples and how to create one of your own.



What are Strategic Dashboards?

Strategic dashboards are interactive reports, usually created by a data visualization analytics tool, that show a business performance over a specific time on a high-level scale.


Note the healthcare performance dashboard below. 


Designed on DashThis, an automated reporting tool, it tells us how SEO and Google Ads impact the number of appointment forms received. The average Google rating acts as a scorecard, boosting customer trust and conversions.


Grab this healthcare marketing report with your own data!


Unlike operational dashboards that drill down the day-to-day operations in real-time, strategic dashboards show a bird’s-eye view of the business as a whole. Other similar dashboards include tactical dashboards and analytical dashboards.


Strategic dashboards simplify data management. Take this sales report template below.



It combines a myriad of key performance indicators (KPIs) from multiple channels and transforms them into a single report for stress-free data analysis and strategic planning (side note: you can aggregate all data in the same widgets or create different ones on DashThis).


Now, let’s look at the following six strategic dashboard examples


Strategic dashboards are one of the most important types of dashboards in marketing campaigns. Start your first 15-day free trial of DashThis to unlock vital insights about your marketing performance today.


6 Strategic Dashboard Examples and Templates

Executive Report Template

It's a high-pressure job being a CEO.


On top of working with the leadership team to plan their strategic goals and drive new launches, they also need to own performance metrics, among others. 


The following business metrics dashboard shows how far the company is performing in its business strategy at a glance.


Grab this business executive report with your own data!


Using visual business dashboards like these, C-suite executives can analyze their company’s data analytics and efficiently understand how every channel is linked in a marketing campaign.


To end the executive report with high-level suggestions, go to Static Widgets > Comments and type away:



You no longer have to go back and forth in emails and reports with your clients.


Digital Marketing Report Template

Digital marketers spend most of their days executing strategic initiatives and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.


It’s often a challenge getting clients to understand the key metrics, let alone getting them on board with new ideas.


Fortunately, the digital marketing report below uses a sleek dashboard design to convey the traffic and sales performance instantly. Note the colorful graphs that pinpoint the best-performing channels over a specific time.

Grab this digital marketing report with your own data! 


If you want to ditch poor-performing channels and focus only on those that work, make your case with this dashboard.


Instead of an Excel spreadsheet with intimidating data sets, clients see eye-catching key metrics, and who knows, they might give you the green light. 


To change the metrics’ style, hover over the widget and click Edit Widget > Data Display. For example, here’s how it looks when changing a line graph chart:




SEO Report Template 

The leads attracted from SEO can often feel like free marketing to the untrained marketer. But what they don’t know is that it requires a ton of effort, even for well-funded businesses. 


Use this website SEO report to keep yourself accountable and stay ahead of the pack. 


Grab this SEO & backlinks report with your own data! 


With a strategic dashboard like this, you can quickly set an SEO benchmark, prove the impact of organic traffic to clients, and suggest ideas to improve the metrics every month.


Ecommerce Report Template

Today, customers expect more personalized shopping experiences, so much so that those that provide them will win their loyalty for life.


Analyze these ecommerce metrics as you tweak your human-centric ecommerce strategy to boost sales and retention:



 Grab this ecommerce report with your own data


Use the ecommerce strategic dashboard as a roadmap to put customers at the center of your shopping experience and increase revenue.


Social Media Report Template

When misused, social media is a cesspool of misinformation. But when used correctly, it can be a powerful magnet to engage prospective customers.


In your social media marketing dashboards, set your social media analytics in context to tell a story to all project management stakeholders:


Grab this social media report with your own data


Whether you want to 10X your best-performing channels or focus more on creating user-generated content, this social media management dashboard will back up your plan.


PPC Report Template 

Even though PPC requires constant building and optimization, it’s still very much a popular favorite for attracting immediate results.


Use the KPI dashboard below to understand customer behavior and unearth tactic-rich ideas: 


Grab this PPC report with your own data


Better yet, use the revenue from your PPC campaigns to optimize the pages that rank organically for the exact keywords.


You’ll see a bigger ROI in the long run.


How to Create a Strategic Dashboard?

Setting up a strategic dashboard requires only a few quick clicks on DashThis:


  • Connect your favorite data sources  
  • Pick a report from 40+ free strategic dashboard templates
  • Select your metrics from Preset Widgets


Drag and drop the widgets to paint a clearer picture of what’s happening in the business.


Add notes within your report via the dashboard software. For example, if you need to explain an irregular graph in the sales dashboard to decision-makers, hover over the widget and click Add Note > Save.


After creating the strategic dashboard, click Sharing Options to send it to all stakeholders.


You can even automate your dashboard reporting. Choose the frequency from daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.   


Start your free 15-day trial of DashThis to gather all data in one automated report today.


Create Your Strategic Dashboards with DashThis Today 

An executive dashboard that speeds up decision-making.


A comprehensive SEO dashboard that helps you come up with a plan to compete with the big players.


And finally, an eCommerce report chock-full of human-centric metrics that help you win customers for life. 


These strategic dashboard examples boast rich insights that 10X your business.


 Ready to create one of your own?


Start your free 15-day trial of DashThis today.



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