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Search Ranking Reports Tools

You can't discuss SEO performances without talking about SEO ranking, or more precisely: keyword rankings


And you can't report on your keyword ranking without using the best possible automated keyword ranking report


And you're in luck because that's exactly what we provide! Check out this keyword ranking report example that we created with SEMrush sample data:


keyword ranking report example

Get this report with your own data!


With DashThis you can easily plug all your SEO tools, and all your digital marketing platforms (from website analytics to social media channels, and way more) and let us fetch all your SEOPPC and keyword rank data automatically, every single month! 


But one question remains, which SEO tool should you plug into your DashThis keyword ranking report to track your keyword rankings & SEO performance efficiently?


There are multiple SEO tools out there that are built to help you track your different SEO strategies and search terms KPIs, such as: SERPrank trackersearch volumebacklinksorganic traffic, and of course your keyword position tracking and target keyword performance.


Depending on your budget and the particular needs you have, there's a keyword tracking tool that's perfect for you!


Today, I'll break down 7 of the most popular search ranking tools so that you can compare them, and have every information you need to create your complete search ranking report with all the ranking data and ranking positions you need.


Let's dig into the different keyword research tools and keyword ranking tools you can use to track your search engine results pages, shall we!?

1. WebCEO

What's WebCEO?

With WebCEO, you can do keyword research and check Google rankings, run in-depth SEO audits, monitor backlinks, conduct safe link building and link detox, social media analysis and competitor analysis. You can track your best keyword by ranking, you can rank by keyword only and keyword distribution. 


Is WebCEO the perfect search ranking tool for your needs?

WebCEO would work very well for multiple locations businesses, or if you just need to track keyword rankings. You can filter by search engine (yahoo, bing, google) but also by "national google" such as for example which can be very interesting for international clients. It's also quite affordable and they have multiple features such as: Track Keyword Rankings for Multiple Locations, Local rank trackers, and others, all included for your own analysis in WebCEO. 


The rank tracking KPIs you can track with WebCEO

  • Ranking Distribution (Google, Bing)
  • Top Keywords by Ranking (Yahoo)
  • Backlink Count
  • Rank
  • Keyword


How much is it?

To access the API, and therefore create your search ranking reports with DashThis or any other reporting tool, it starts at $75 per month.


How to create your search ranking report with WebCEO

To track keywords with WebCEO in your DashThis reports, all you have to do is subscribe to WebCEO, then add the integration to your DashThis account.


With your DashThis report, you can then track not only WebCEO but also any other digital marketing platforms you use such as Google Analytics, Facebook, other SEO tools, PPC tools, email marketing tools, and much more.


2. Accuranker

What's Accuranker?

Accuranker is a tool that provides daily and on-demand rank tracking for your keywords on Google and Bing organic search.


Is Accuranker the search ranking tool for your needs?

Accuranker is a great search ranking tool for mid-sized agencies. It helps you get all the custom data you need automatically and have quite flexible options.


The keyword rank checker KPIs you can track with Accuranker

  • Number of keywords
  • Rank
  • Rank Change
  • Initial Rank
  • Initial Rank Change
  • Share of Voice


How much is it?

From $99/month, however, you pay by the number of keywords.


How to create your search ranking report with Accuranker

It has an easy 2 steps integration with DashThis through CSV files. 


3. Google Search Console : 

What's Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (which used to be called Google Webmaster Tools) allows you to monitor and control the optimization and indexing of your website. Google Search Console enables you to understand how Google sees your site, which helps you optimize and improve its search result ranking.


Is Google Search Console the right search ranking tool for your needs?

It’s the perfect search ranking tool for small to medium agencies, or for internal use. The keyword ranking data is quite basic; you can't filter by position, such as your top 10 best keywords, and can't use more than one filter (like excluding multiple google keywords or pages). So if you need a quick, simple, free tool and do not need any advanced reports, just a list of keywords with national rankings, then Google Search Console might be the perfect fit for you!


The keyword ranking KPIs you can track with Google Search Console:

  • Keyword position by landing
  • Keyword position by queries


How much is it?

It's free!


How to create your search ranking report with Google Search Console?

You can very simply connect Google Search Console to DashThis since this is a native integration, here’s how!


4. SEMRush 

What's SEMRush?

SEMrush is an SEO tool that does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities, featured snippets, and lots more.


Is SEMRush the perfect search ranking tool for you?

SEMRush is a very complete solution, one of the most popular as it is very powerful for all its SEO purposes. It’s also one of the most expensive solutions due to the fact that you have to use credits for integration with 3rd parties. Within DashThis, you get the most important KPIs for your clients; keywords, top keywords and landing pages. And within SEMRUSH you can run a complete SEO report for internal deep analysis for your national rankings.


What keyword rank checker KPIs can you track with SEMRush?

  • Number of Organic Keywords in Top 3-10-20-100
  • Organic position by keyword
  • Organic position by landing page

How much is it?

To have access to the API, you need the business plan, at $399.95 / month.


Plus an additional cost for the API credits in order to create your report. Here are more details.


How to create your search ranking report with SEMRush?

You can very simply connect SEMRush to DashThis since this is a native integration. Here's how.


5. GinzaMetrics (now Demandsphere) : 

What's GinzaMetrics?

GinzaMetrics offers an SEO and content marketing platform that provides recommendations and competitor analytics to agencies and marketers.


Is GinzaMetrics the right search ranking tool for your needs?

GinzaMetrics isn’t a tool you should use if you ONLY want your search ranking data, it's not just a keyword rank checker, it's an all-in-one marketing platform, a hybrid solution of proprietary SEO tools, content marketing platform, and agency services, that you would usually buy in order to achieve multiple goals including SEO.


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • Keyword rank
  • Page rank
  • Number of page ranking

How much is it?

Pricing starts at $1000/ month.


How to create your search ranking report with Ginzametrics?

Simply add it to your dashboard since it's a native integration, here’s how!


6. SearchMetrics :

What’s SearchMetrics?

SearchMetrics is an SEO and content marketing suite for enterprises, providing competitors and market insights. With it, you can monitor keywords, evaluate links and sub-pages and compare different domains. 


Is SearchMetrics the right search ranking tool for your needs?

Search metrics are particularly useful for SEO agencies with multiple clients. You could use the tool for more in-depth analysis but can only add your keyword ranking in your client reports.


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • Average Position by Keyword
  • Filter by Keyword 


How much is it?

You need the enterprise package, the price is only available on-demand during a personalized demo when you contact them. 


How to create your search ranking report with SearchMetrics?

You can connect SearchMetrics to DashThis with an easy 2-step process through CSV files. Here’s how.


7. Advanced Web Ranking:

What’s Advanced Web Ranking?

Advanced Web Ranking is a rank tracker tool that enables you to track your search performance for any location, device, language or search engine. It comes with segmentation tools, and performance metrics even for your competitors' rankings. In addition to Google, you can track website rankings on Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, YouTube, and more.


Is Advanced Web Ranking the right search ranking tool for your needs?

Advanced Web Ranking is best for local businesses, multi-location businesses, or small to mid-size agencies. The tool is quite affordable, and with it, you can automatically send your custom data to DashThis with an easy 2 steps set up.


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • Keyword position
  • search volume
  • click-through rate (CTR)
  • Competitor market share
  • visibility


How much is it?

From $44/month


How to create your search ranking report with Advanced Web Ranking? 

You can connect Advanced Web Ranking to DashThis with an easy 2-step process through CSV files. Here’s how.



What’s is an easy SEO tracking tool allowing you to track your keywords and the rankings of your pages under Google's Search Engine.


Is the right search ranking tool for your needs?

If you need an inexpensive tool to track your top keywords and URL from Google’s search engine, is perfect. On top of it, you can use it as a native integration in DashThis, which makes it even simpler to use. 


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • Top Keywords by Rank
  • Top URLs by Rank
  • Avg. Rank


How much is it?

From $24/month


How to create your search ranking report with 

You can connect directly in DashThis with our native integration. Here’s how.


9. Nightwatch:

What’s Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is an SEO tool with extensive functionalities including: rank tracking, backlink monitoring and reporting. It’s an all-in-one SEO performance solution that offers a rank tracking feature.


Is Nightwatch the right search ranking tool for your needs?

Nightwatch is a very complete tool that includes youtube, Bing, Map pack rankings. It is also possible to get local rankings at a city level and SERP features available and for which you’re ranking as well. It’s a great tool if you need a wide array of SEO data and have a limited budget.


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • URL and Keyword rankings
  • Average position
  • Top 3, 10 and 100 
  • Keyword ranking changes 
  • Domain authority
  • indexed pages


How much is it?

From $24/month


How to create your search ranking report with Nightwatch? 

You can connect Nightwatch to DashThis with an easy 2-step process through CSV files. Here’s how.


10. SE Ranking

What's SE Ranking?


SE Ranking is an SEO and digital marketing solution that helps attract and measure organic search traffic. You can monitor keywords, run website and on-page audits, evaluate backlink profiles, build custom SEO reports, and compare your rankings with competitors by using SE Ranking. 


Is SE Ranking the perfect search ranking tool for your needs?

SE Ranking is an excellent SEO keyword ranking tool for agencies, small to medium businesses, and enterprises. It is an advanced search engine ranking tool that allows measuring SEO success daily, monitoring Google Ads/Maps/SERP features on one dashboard, and getting competitor strategy insights via top 100 search results analysis. In addition to a worldwide keyword database, you can also connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get insights about organic traffic and assess the rankings’ dynamics.


What rank tracking KPIs can you track with it?

  • Number of organic keywords in top 1-3-5-10-30-100
  • Rankings in different search engines and locations
  • Average position
  • Search visibility
  • Organic position by keyword
  • Organic position by URL
  • Traffic


How much is it?

From $39/month for 250 keywords. You need the business plan at $189/month to access the API.


How to create your search ranking report with SE Ranking?

You can easily export rankings history data with rankings changes from the dashboard in the .XLS and .CSV file formats.


To create a custom report with eye-catching ranking graphics, go to the Report Builder tool and use one of the ready templates such as:


  • Rankings overview
  • Traffic overview
  • Organic traffic.


This report is available in PDF, XLS, and HTML file formats.


How would we rank these ranking tools?

Depending on what you need and your particular concerns, here is how we would rank these tools for you.


If your main concern is budget (from less expensive to more expensive):

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Nightwatch
  4. Advanced Web Ranking
  5. WebCEO
  6. Accuranker
  7. SEMrush
  8. Ginzametrics (Demandsphere)


If what you need is both landing page data & keyword ranking:

  • Google Search console
  • Advanced web ranking
  • Ginzametrics (Demandsphere)
  • SEMRush
  • Accuranker
  • Nightwatch


If you need local ranking (for cities): 

  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Ginzametrics (Demandsphere)
  • Nightwatch


The most complete tool:

  • SEMRush


The best bang for your buck (best features included for the price):

  • Advanced Web Ranking


Do you use another keyword ranking tool?


Add them in your DashThis report in two quick steps! 

There are numerous keyword ranking tools out there, and they pretty much all offer a way to schedule an automated export of your ranking data on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.


With our CSV integration, you can have those files automatically sent to your dashboard so you can show your ranking data along with all your other digital marketing data without any manual work.


So, even if your favourite ranking tool isn’t a native DashThis integration, you can very easily create your search ranking report with DashThis! 


Create your own search ranking report


Create your own SEO report in seconds with preset report templates.


To track all these search engine rankings, you need a reporting tool that'll help you track everything without spending your time navigating through all these different rank tracking software to see your ranking changes


You can track all your search engine results, from any of your tools, not only those keyword rank tracking tools mentioned above but also all the other platforms you use for your SEO efforts, PPC and SEO campaigns such as: 


And any other Local search and local SEO tools like Google my business as your local rank tracker.


Here's what your SEO report could look like:

SEO report template


You can even have that report with a custom white label design. 

white label


Ready to create your search ranking reports in seconds? You're in luck, you can do it right now with our free 15-day trial

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